Yin Tao plays Wu Jinyan’s boss in upcoming drama Standardized Life

Standardized Life 标化人生 is an upcoming workplace drama starring Wu Jinyan (Hear the Bells Ring on Shanghai Bund) as Zhang Xiaoyu, the plucky new assistant to Yin Tao’s (The Years You Were Late) Lin Rui, SW company’s smart and capable sales director and the most likely candidate to take over the position of leader from Shu Wanting (Liu Mintao).

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Zhang Ziyi makes drama debut opposite Zhou Yiwei

Finally an official confirmation – this post has been in the drafts section since 2016…

A-lister Zhang Ziyi (Forever Young), who has worked exclusively in the film industry since her debut in 1999, is starring in upcoming historical romance drama Monarch Industry 江山故人 (one of the worst English titles I’ve ever seen). Zhou Yiwei (Entrepreneurial Age), her ‘mentee’ from variety show Birth of a Performer/Actor plays the male lead.

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Jin Dong, Jiang Xin to lead upcoming modern drama If We Could Turn Back Time

If We Could Turn Back Time 如果岁月可回头 (lit.) stars Mr. Right actors Jin DongLi Zonghan and Li Naiwen as three strangers who end up going on a healing journey together after their marriages fall apart. Jiang Xin (Miss. Puff) plays Jiang Xiaomei, a tour guide and bar owner who befriends all three of them.

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Battle of Changsha releases stills


Wallace Huo in uniform? What more could you want?

Based off of a novel of the same name, the upcoming drama Battle of Changsha 战长沙 will feature Wallace Huo as a Nationalist soldier, Yang Zi as the young lady he ends up marrying, and Zuo Xiaoqing (who is, funny enough, from Changsha) and Ren Chengwei as supporting characters. The story tells of the turbulent time between 1938 and 1946, through chronicling the lives of the ordinary Hu family. Not surprisingly, it will (more than) mention the Battle of Changsha. Stills from the series can be seen below, with more here.

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