Zhou Xun produces film starring Liu Chang


Liu Chang is hoping for his knees that any co-stars will be taller than his producer.

Remember when I was wondering if female producers/directors like to use new actors more? Add to that list Zhou Xun, whose first production gig stars model Liu Chang.     Based on a series of “diary entries” of Anthony the Bunny  in A Journey Through Time With Anthony 陪安东尼度过漫长岁月, the film is yet another one of publications from  Guo Jingming‘s ZUI Times to be picked up for adaptation this year. The film is directed by Janet Chun.

Watch the microfilm teaser by Wing Shya featuring Zhou Xun and Liu Chang here. I don’t think it’s actually a part of the film itself.

Yes, that is a tablecloth I'm wearing as a collar.

Yes, that is a tablecloth I’m wearing as a collar.  You can probably thank Chanel for it.

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