Chinese atheletes for Viva China Sports


The national modeling badminton team

Viva China Sports, the management of some of China’s top sports teams, recently did a new photoshoot for their athletes. Combined with a shoot from 2011, the shoots make-up an unfortunately not-for-sale calendar of some of the sports realms’ best-looking athletes.


The sailor crew diving team

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Another successful proposal – Zou Kai v. Zhou Jie

5-time Olympic Champion Zou Kai on his knees for another happy ending.

Gymnast Zou Kai just proposed to his longtime girlfriend Zhou Jie with the help of his fellow gold-medal men’s gymnastics team (how sweet is it that they take Teng Haibin, who had to pull out of the team two days before the Olympics qualifications begun, everywhere they go?) !  It’s about time, considering how his seniors, the 2008 champions Li Xiaopeng, Huang Xu and Li Wei were nudging him on TV during their adorable A Date with Luyu interview.

Congrats to the pair!  You can watch the proposal on Bai Bian Da Ka Xiu, where she performs Jolin Tsai’s dance with awesome rhythmic gymnastics moves, below :

Chinese Athletes Sing For 5.12


A group of Chinese athletes got together to sing for the One Year remembrance of the devastating earthquake that occurred during 5.12. The singing is quite bad, but I suppose that makes it more admirable that these athletes would display their lack of vocal skills for Sichuan.

Watch the making of MV here and the actual MV here. The CD +VCD of the single will be sold for 12 yuan, all profits going to the devastated area. The MV was shown in a ceremony where it was screened on that huge LED screen from the Olympics.

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Since I suck at photoshop, and want a header using a picture that is too small for just simple cropping…I was wondering if anyone could make me one? Two actually? One I want to use until December and one I plan to use more permanently? I like Chen Kun’s eyes and all, but it’s getting to be a little much.

In return, I’ll make special post when this site hit count reaches 10,000 (to give myself time to make the post basically).

Oh, and since I don’t want to make a separate post, let me link to this, all the gymnastics boys going to San Ya with boxes and boxes of wine to prepare for Yang Wei and Yang Yun’s wedding. Looks like it’s going to be a doozy. Zou Kai, the youngest said that their duty was to help polish off the liqour for Yang Wei.

Gymnast Zou Kai to auction off Gold Medal for Sichuan

I’m an idiot and didn’t realize the previously mentioned auction charity event the Olympians were at was for Sichuan school reconstruction, but it was. Twenty-three atheletes including the previously aforementioned Guo Jingjing and Zou Kai were there.

Chinese gymnast Zou Kai originally decided to auction one of his three Olympic gold medals at the party. But he changed his mind and will auction off it later in Hong Kong, along with teammate Yang Wei’s silver medal. I know he bagged like three, but still. WOW. I’m impressed.

The 23 Olympic gold medalists who attended the auction raised a total of 19.18 million yuan for the earthquake victims.

Behind the cut is the full article detailing what other charitable shenanigans went on there. Lin Dan should have kept his shoes to auction instead of throwing them to the crowd.

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Everyone Loves Olympians

We all know that the best way to ingratiate yourself with Chinese fans and non-fans alike is to be seen chummy with some of China’s finest!

Cantopop singer Leo Ku posted pics of himself on his blog with Chinese gold medalists at the same charity benefit Guo Jingjing auctioned off her suimsuit at. His expression doesn’t change much in these pics, so it’s like seeing different Chinese athletes photoshopped with the same image of him over and over. I wonder if he knows how to photoshop?

With Chinese Badminton Stars Xie Xingfang and Lin Dan (aka SuperDan)

With Chinese Badminton Couple Xie Xingfang and Lin Dan (aka SuperDan), silver and gold medalist at the games respectively

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