Bai Yu, Song Zu’er, Mao Xiaotong play siblings in The Bond

The Bond 乔家的儿女 is an upcoming family drama that will span 30 years and stars Bai Yu as the oldest son of the Qiao family. He becomes the sole guardian of his four younger siblings after their mother’s death, and the children of the Qiao family learn to stand by each other through thick and thin.

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Chinese, Western music goes head to head in Our Shiny Days drama adaptation

A drama adaptation of the slumber hit film Our Shiny Days 闪光少女, a story that’s ultimately about embracing and accepting different subcultures set against the backdrop of a declining Chinese music department, begins streaming today on iQiyi. The drama is directed and written by Wang Ran and Bao Jingjing of the original film. It stars the talented Zhou Yiran alongside a bunch of new actors whose wiki pages are mostly empty.

English-subbed trailer here, with six new episodes per week on the app.

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