Photoshoot Friday: Let’s catch some waves

What’s the best thing about having a belated Photoshoto Friday? It’s a pleasant surprise! (You know…like…it’s unexpected…) And, there’s the potential of having two in one week, if you count Sunday as part of the next week.

This week’s round up features Zhou Jun for Marie Claire, while Chen Hao shows that she’s a lady of the piano. Victoria Song pops against her backgrounds with gorgeous contrast, while Fan Bingbing is a glittering diva. Meanwhile, Wu Modi doesn’t go easy on the colors, and Gao Yuanyuan is in the midst of a colorful autumn (or winter?) in her shoot for L’Officiel.

Oh yeah, and you can catch some waves on all of their hair. Look below the cut for more pictures! Continue reading

Photoshoot Friday: Tie it up

Get your hair out of your face; some of us are approaching finals season. (Others are just ready to take a break from work and vacation in Maui/Maldives/Macau/etc). This week, we feature our favorite Ni Ni sporting a ponytail and showing off her long legs; Xu Dongdong dons red lipstick and sideswept bangs. Meanwhile, Zhou Jun and Shu Qi share a photoshoot for Bazaar, and Zhou Xun pretties herself up against a gray background. Meanwhile, Yao Chen shows she’s ready to fight.

Look below the cut for more pictures. Who do you think looks best with their hair up?  Continue reading