Name those eyes : Chinese stars version

Try and guess these stars from the Eye of the Beholder video. What level of a fensi/fan are you?

Level 1 : Entry C-fensi 

Yang Mi

AngelababyBai BaiheLiu Shishi

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Over 40 celebs join in Vogue Film photoshoot


Three generations of Chinese actresses.

It’s rare to get this many stars to do anything together, not to mention a photoshoot where everyone’s agent is probably fighting for a better spot, but Vogue Film has done it in conjunction with its gala this year. The photoshoots includes  some of the biggest actors, including Li Bingbing, Yang Mi, Angelababy, Liu Shishi, Tong Liya, Xin Zhilei, Tan Zhuo, Huang Xuan, Ethan Ruan, Zhou Yiwei, Zhai Tianlin, Han Dongjun, Xu Weizhou, Peng Yuchang, Bai Baihe, Jing Boran, William Chan, Ma Sichun, Janine Chang, Sun Yi, Li Meng, Qi Xi, Lan Yingying, Chen Ran, Victoria Song, Ouyang Nana, Wu Lei, Chen Feiyu, Song Zuer, Yang Le, Geng Le, Li Chun, Zhang Xueying, Zhang Zifeng, and Chen Wenqi. Musicians Zhang Bichen, Li Yundi, Zhou Bichang and models Ju Xiaowen, Xi Mengyao, Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying (Bad Genius is amazing and I highly recommend it) , and Karlie Kloss also joined in the fun.

I was able to recognized 34 of the 42 without looking at the list of names, how many can you identify?

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Music Monday: May 18, 2015


Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Brighten your Monday up with a fun tune from Aarif Rahman, a cute family zoo song from Fan Weiqi, a powerful rock ballad from A-mei,  songs of friendship from  RTA Xu Hao X Zhu YuanbingMa Haisheng and M.I.C.‘s Tan Jianci.

A-mei sets fire to the patriarchy in her epic song and MV Matriarchy 母系社會

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I am Singer 2 starts this Friday, releases posters


How will the young G.E.M. fare against her elders?

With the new year comes new seasons of all our favorite shows, including musical competition “I am Singer.” The opening seven will feature the amazing young artists G.E.M. and Zhou Bichang, R&B artist Gary Cao, rocker Luo Qi, host Phil Chang, and classic Wei Wei and epic theme song’er Han Lei, although I wish he had sung this song instead. Included in the link are what is rumored to be their first song, the only one where they’re allowed to sing their own songs. Who are you looking forward to the most?
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Li Yuchun, Zhou Bichang, 10 years of Super Girls/Boys reunite


“Eight years, we’ve grown up, have you?”- Li Yuchun

Celebrating 10 years of the Super Girls/Boys franchise, Hunan TV’s finale of the 2013 Super Boys was a tearjerker on all sides as old contestants reunite and remeet.  Some of the most touching moments include Li Yuchun and Zhou Bichang’s hug on stage, He Jiong and Wang Han talking about their ten years of hosting the show, and a group song by past Super Boys/Girls. 

Li Yuchun: “Two things. First thing, we love you, Bai Jugang. Second thing, on this stage, I still think the person standing next to her should be me. No offense. Everyone in the audience, in front of the TV, it’s been eight years. Me and my little fellow grew up, what about you? We started from here, and have been following our dreams since 2005. Are you still pursuing your dreams? Jiayou!”

Zhou Bichang: Let youth continue to burn!

Super Girls and Boys sing theme song, how many do you recognize?

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Music Monday: May 20, 2013

Mondays are always hard...

Mondays are always hard…

This week’s playlist includes: a Sichuan all-star dedication to their hometown, a Bibi-style track from Bibi Zhou Bichang, a dance track from Vivi Jiang Yingrong, a retro pop track from Kiki Hu Ling, an English song from Jeno Liu Liyang, a hometown dedication from Ji Jie, a track from post-90s singer/songwriter Ah Qiao, and a track from returning singer Ruan Danqing. In addition, this week’s relevant OSTs include theme songs from Yu Zheng costume drama Female Prime Minister, costume action drama Hero, a modern romance drama Marriage Article 22, and upcoming movie American Dreams in China.

First, Sichuanese artists want to remind you that Sichuan is Still Beautiful.
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“Micro Times” release cast of fresh faces!


Every post involving Yang Mi could just be titled “Pretty people.”

Featuring eight fresh new faces supported by six veterans,  “Micro Times 微时代之恋·初恋篇” will be actress and workaholic Yang Mi’s first production.   The six celebs will be Yang Mi, Shawn Yue, Zhou Bichang, Tan Weiwei, Monica Chan and Kim Bum, but the main leads will be the eight youngsters that Yang Mi handpicked from the major acting schools and other venues.

You might remember Dilraba from one of our previous posts, and  I’m so happy she’s starring in such a big production!


Anyone remember Dilraba from Shanghai Drama Academy?

The  fashion of the drama is fresh and young like the cast, with a special costumes team hand-picked by Yang Mi and composed of mostly new graduates from major fashion institutes both in China and abroad.    Watch the character intro for the actors below.

70 and Zhang Yunjing spaz

Looks like a scene in the Twelfth Night? It's even better.

When they first debuted, weI wanted to pair up B2F2 with the girls of our Yi group (Zhang Liyin and He Jie) since 70 was also Yi, but Zhang Yunjing and 70 won us over with their awesomeness. This is a very non-serious, non-informative spaz article that we needed to do, because summer’s just started and we’re all tired, so stop reading now if you feel like you’re the true prince(ss) of either Zhang Yunjing or 70. Or if you’re for something more strange, view this with caution.

Disclaimer: The following portrayals are highly biased in favor of a ZYJ-70 pairing

Exhibit A:

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Zhou Bichang’s back to lead a typhoon

As the 1min30second clip of David Tao wishing her good luck ends, Zhou Bichang official ended her six months of dissapperance as she joins Gold Typhoon. Gold Typhoon,a merger between Taiwan-based EMI, Hong Kong-based company Gold Label and mainland-based Typhoon, plans to launch Bibi into both Hong Kong and Taiwanese markets, which it probably can do considering the successes of her previous albums in Taiwan without any advertising and the fact that it was the company behind Anson Hu’s concert in Taiwan. Continue reading