Gu Jian Qi Tan releases character stills and trailer

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The rest of the stills border on bad cosplay, but Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu look wonderful as their respective characters.

The costumes that the characters wear in upcoming drama Gu Jian Qi Tan (Legend of the Sword) are remarkably similar to the ones in the eponymous game. A little too similar, since everyone besides Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu look like they were transplanted, but otherwise, the cast is promising. We have Yang Mi‘s return to wuxia as the protagonist, a somewhat sheltered and spunky girl who is part of the  Nüwa clan (but is not one of the descendants). She eventually falls in love with the cold male lead (played by Li Yifeng), a young man who possesses the fourth fragment of a fallen deity’s soul (and a horrible hairstyle). They are joined by Zheng Shuang‘s half-fox, half-mortal girl looking for her mother, and Ma Tianyu‘s slightly spoiled and scholarly young-master. Their core group of six is rounded off with Yang Mi’s older brother, Gao Weiguang‘s drunken swordsman, and the red-robed sword spirit (played by Chen Zihan) sent to watch over Li Yifeng by his master, a 400-year old immortal played by Zhang Zhiyao.

Just as important, though, is Qiao Zhenyu‘s elegant gentleman, who has the other soul fragments and secretly plots to reclaim the rest. His secret agenda also includes the restoration of the ruined land of Penglai (whose princess was once his beloved wife), no matter the cost. Interesting side-story characters to look out for include Qi Wei, a woman scorned from Ma Tianyu’s previous life, and Li Xiaolu, who plays Li YIfeng’s mother. Look below the cut for the trailer and pictures.

On another note, Ma Tianyu cross-dresses again in the trailer.

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