Southeast Music, TVB, and CCTV-MTV Awards

And oh yeah I forgot to post this …the awards.

I don’t really know who’s idea it was to arrange for these all to be either going on at the same time or consecutively but I suppose at least for the Southeast Music Ranking Awards and CCTV-MTV Music awards it cheapened the airfare spent for some artists who were at both (SJ-M, Jam Hsiao, etc). Usually I don’t really care for these, because when Chinese-language regions span mainland China, HK, Taiwan and Singapore there are way too many award shows and most of them are popularity contests but there were three so might as well get these out in one go. However, some of the awards given either did not interest me or where hard to find…(the Chinese characters were kind of gibberish on some of the pages)…so these lists may be incomplete.

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