Gu Jian Qi Tan releases character stills and trailer

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The rest of the stills border on bad cosplay, but Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu look wonderful as their respective characters.

The costumes that the characters wear in upcoming drama Gu Jian Qi Tan (Legend of the Sword) are remarkably similar to the ones in the eponymous game. A little too similar, since everyone besides Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu look like they were transplanted, but otherwise, the cast is promising. We have Yang Mi‘s return to wuxia as the protagonist, a somewhat sheltered and spunky girl who is part of the  Nüwa clan (but is not one of the descendants). She eventually falls in love with the cold male lead (played by Li Yifeng), a young man who possesses the fourth fragment of a fallen deity’s soul (and a horrible hairstyle). They are joined by Zheng Shuang‘s half-fox, half-mortal girl looking for her mother, and Ma Tianyu‘s slightly spoiled and scholarly young-master. Their core group of six is rounded off with Yang Mi’s older brother, Gao Weiguang‘s drunken swordsman, and the red-robed sword spirit (played by Chen Zihan) sent to watch over Li Yifeng by his master, a 400-year old immortal played by Zhang Zhiyao.

Just as important, though, is Qiao Zhenyu‘s elegant gentleman, who has the other soul fragments and secretly plots to reclaim the rest. His secret agenda also includes the restoration of the ruined land of Penglai (whose princess was once his beloved wife), no matter the cost. Interesting side-story characters to look out for include Qi Wei, a woman scorned from Ma Tianyu’s previous life, and Li Xiaolu, who plays Li YIfeng’s mother. Look below the cut for the trailer and pictures.

On another note, Ma Tianyu cross-dresses again in the trailer.


Gorgeous Cast of Queen of SOP II

Dare I say, the cast of Queen of SOP II is even better looking than the cast of Tiny Times.

Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han are back with the second installment of the Queen of SOP series. In this series, Zheng Shuang will be playing a double role, similar to Janine Chang’s role in Fairytale in Half. The cast of Queen of SOP II also include a second male lead I can’t find any information on Di Jie (狄杰), Jessie Chiang, Kimi Qiao Renliang, and MC turn actor Sun Xiaoxiao.

Some of you may have noticed that while Zhang Han have been busy filming various dramas since Meteor Show, Zheng Shuang have been MIA, occasionally reappearing to support Zhang Han in his dramas. But this year will be different, Zheng Shuang decided (or maybe forced by her company) to venture out on her own – she’s currently filming Mystical Sword (古剑奇谭) with Yang Mi, Li Yifeng, Qiao Zhenyu, and Ma Tianyu. Zheng Shuang have also been cast as the female lead in Jiang Hua Yi Jiu (江淮依旧) alongside Perter Ho. And apparently, there will be a Meteor Show 3 this year.

Watch the trailer below and pretty concept photo/stills below the cut.


Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang prettiness, among other eyecandy for new drama The Four

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Zheng Shuang is a guest star in this new drama.

Disclaimer: Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han are not lovers this time; my shipping goggles just automatically pair them together. (What can you expect when Zhang Han says things like, “If Zheng Shuang ever needed plastic surgery, then there are no beautiful girls“?)

Featuring Zhang Han, Mickey He Chen Weiting, Mao Zijun, Li Qing, Gui Gui, and Zhang Meng, the drama recently wrapped up filming. Look below the cut for loads of stills (a few of them couple stills) and a brief on the Zhang Han-Zheng Shuang interaction (in the drama)

So here, idarklight wanted to know if Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han would have a scene together in upcoming drama The Four. And the answer is… (more…)

New “The Four” begins filming, vying for best young cast ever

Can you match the backshots with The Four and the antagonist?

I think this might be my favorite cast of lead males ever for a mainland drama.

The Four are played by a string of rising male talents –  Zhang Han, Yang Yang(male) Mao Zijun and William Chan – while Yu Zheng  leads   Mickey He, Qian Yongchen, Ma Wenlong and Zhou Muyin play the antagonists. Given that at least four of those have succesfully been leads of their own, that’s pretty amazing.

The female leads are really varied as well, starring Zhang Junning (female),  GuiGui,  Jia Qing, Bai Bing.  I’ve always thought Jia Qing was the prettiest out of all the gorgeous girls in “Schemes of Beauties,” so I’m especially excited to see her again.

Guest appearances from Tong Liya, Zheng Shuang, Han Dong, Ye Xuan, Huang Haibing, etc. I wonder if Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han will have a scene together?



Zheng Shuang is finally back with new drama!

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After almost a year, Zheng Shuang is finally making a comeback in upcoming drama “Sheng Nv De Shi Dai/ Times of a Successful Women.” After the feisty Chu Yuxun of Meteor Shower, the boyish Xiao’an in No Limits, and the innocent fairy of Painted Mural, Zheng Shuang will finally be playing a non-cute role. In fact, she’ll be playing two. In the latest Mingdao Workshops production, Zheng Shuang will be playing a pair of twins, at least one of which is a successful businesswoman. No news on other casting yet, but I’m happy to see her back, even if it’s a bit disappointing it’s not in a movie role.

Phoenix Totem releases first TV trailer

Following her Peony Fairy and Princess of Peace, Zheng Shuang continues to be more “meng” than ever.

Starring Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang and Bai Bing,  Phoenix Totem‘s trailer is definitely one of the best ones so far this year.  The TV couple Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang is split up this time, where Bai Bing is paired with Zhang Han while Zheng Shuang plays the little sister figure to both.  Watch the trailer below from MsMadeline19@YouTube.  The drama will air in mid-December on Hunan TV.

eeMedia Family Winter MV pictures Part 2

Li Yuanxi, Liu Xijun, and Zheng Shuang are the second group to film for the eeMedia family MV

So apparently the “Winter/New Years” MV  will actually have most of the eeMedia family but they’re being filmed separately, because it’s easier to coordinate. And eeMedia is really impressing me with how well-coordinated it’s become. Last year was a lot of firsts for the company and it showed. The previous MV was cute, but with stock outfits and everyone looked more tired than happy. The New Years concert also turned out messy. But this year everything  in Long Danni’s plan for the company  seems to have just about fallen into place and hopefully this year the New Years concert will be better too.

Continuing the  tradition from the last post, have a bit of Top Combine: new individual pics. Their album release date is confirmed as Dec. 13th, which is also coincidentally, Kimi Qiao Renliang‘s album release date. He also released new album pics. The boys aren’t trying to spread out at all are they?


Yu Haoming Releases Album with ‘Hugs’ from eeMedia family

Usually there’s one or two hugs at a album release, but Yu Haoming’s release of his first album, “Hug” was filled with them, which made the whole affair very cute.  It included those from Wei Chen and Zhu Zixiao, the supporting H2 of Meteor Shower, and from his two favorite girls – Zheng Shuang and Liu Xijun. Top Combine, whom he trained with in their early days was there to support him as well.


What happened to the cast of Meteor Shower?


The cast went to Japan to film several episodes of “Bravely Going Forward,” though Zhang Han was unable to go due to visa problems. One episode of Yu Haoming, Wei Chen and Wang Yuexin in the show has been aired, though not filmed in Japan.

Zhang Han is rumored to be going to new company Shengshi, and has a 75% chance of playing ErKang in the Huan Zhu Ge Ge remake.

Other than being in Zhang Jie’s MV, Zheng Shuang should also be starring in a new drama called “Jello of love/Ai Qing Guo Dong.” (more…)