Latest idol competition looks for performers with a Chinese flair

“Honey” Hanikezi / Hankhiz is the breakout star of episode 1, if mostly for her beauty and the equally  gorgeous music+ costume + set + lighting

With a mix of dance, traditional music,  folk music, opera, xiangsheng, and martial arts,  idol competition Chinese Youth 国风美少年 looks for idols who can combine modern performances with traditional Chinese elements. I no longer have any idea how Chinese competitions work, but the three judges are singer Huo Zun, xiangsheng performer Zhao Yunlei, and singer-actress Ju Jingyi.

The show also has its fair share of idol group members as contestants, such as  7Sense’s Li Muzi, Awaken-F‘s Qin Zimo, and SNH48’s Song Xinran. So far, though,  the breakout star so far is actress Hankhiz, whose performance you can watch below:

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Engaged/Married: Zhang Xinyi, Yang Shupeng;Zhang Nan, Zhao Yunlei


杨树鹏:那么,一起来打怪兽吧。 @张歆艺 [酷]

Yang Shupeng: Then, let us fight the monsters together. @Zhang Xinyi

Director Yang Shupeng and actress Zhang Xinyi (above) have announced that they have tied the knot with a cute weibo on Sina.

Meanwhile, badminton players Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei, who became the only couple to have won the summer olympics together when the won the Mixed Doubles in 2012, finally moved their couples ring from their middle finger tho their ring finger. The shift was noticed during this year’s Sudirman Cup this week, when the couple helped China to its fifth consecutive win.   Congrats to the lovely pair both on and off court!


Zhao Yunlei (R) and Zhang Nan(L) at the Sudirman Cup. Photo by 鸭梨山大Wang