Zhao Liying returns to modern dramas with “Secret of the wife”

Zhao Liying’s secret? There are five elves hidden under that dress ready to take over the room.

While Zhao Liying has made her mark in ancient dramas like Female Prime Minister over the past three years, she’s making her return to modern dramas. First up is the recently finished Secret of the wife 妻子的秘密 with Hawick Lau,  Ding Zijun, Wang Zhi, and Kenny Kwan.  Synopsis below and more character posters below the cut.

Childhood friends, high school sweethearts, and successors to two major companies, Minglang aka the most overused idol drama male lead name ever and Baihe seemed like the perfect couple until Baihe’s family business breaks down. Minglang’s mother wants the engagement called off, and Minglang’s secretary wants him for herself. How will the pair keep their love?


Photoshoot Friday: Color

Surprise, a belated Photoshoot Friday! Pretend the weekend isn’t over yet… Angelababy is in a different season, vivid in summer dresses and bright green grass or bright turquoise; has Zhao Liying been watching Dad? Her photoshoot is very pink, and a childish cuteness. Bai Baihe favors red lips and pure colors, while Ni Ni is in for a more mist obscured set of colors. Fan Bingbing and Gao Yuanyuan might have come from the same photo shot, with solid background and color-blocked or largely monochromatic clothing; arguably, though, it’s Chen Kun, with his neon paint splashed photo shoot, that is the most eye catching. Look below the cut for more pictures!


Qiao Renliang, Zhao Liying together for Bazaar Movie

Qiao Renliang and Zhao Liying may be posing together here, but it’s Chen Xiao who gives us the ship tease.

Recently, Zhao Liying and Qiao Renliang posed together for a photoshoot with Bazaar Movie (more pictures under the cut). Kimi Qiao Renliang wrote a weibo about it:

“Thanks to @Fashion BAZAAR! @Zhao Liying We time-traveled into the present to shoot for this big movie, enjoying air conditoning, drinking red wine; at the moment, we haven’t ordered (nor do we plan to order) tickets back…so, your highness King of Changguan @ Chen Xiao, you’ll have to take care of the court politics; I’ll take care of A’Zhen…
– the previous emperor
@Yu Zheng Is there a problem?”

Chen Xiao’s reply was a ship tease:

“At this rate, it’ll soon drive me crazy…”  (more…)

Chen Xiao double-cast as Yang Guo and Yang Kang in upcoming Return of the Condor Heroes

How many people are going to watch this for Chen XIao?

Previously, Li Chen had been slated to play Yang Kang in Yu Zheng’s upcoming Return of the Condor Heroes. He has, as of now, withdrawn from the drama,though Mu Nianci remaiins Zhao Liying. Chen Xiao will be taking on a double role instead- in addition to the protagonist Yang Guo, Chen XIao will also play the father Yang Kang. This guarantees us at least a few scenes where Yang Guo is not dressed like a ragbag, given Yang Kang’s lofty position as an adopted Jin prince. I have the sneaking suspicion that some people will watch the first episode to see him romance Mu Nianci/Zhao Liying, and roll away as soon as Yang Guo’s arc with Michelle CHen’s little Dragon Maiden starts. Look below the cut for more Chen XIao, Vianne Zhang, and Michelle Chen (Plus a little bonus behind the scenes with Chen XIao and Zhao Liying!).

Update: Two more attractive Chen Xiao pictures added.  (more…)

Yu Zheng Selects Michelle Chen as Little Dragon Maiden

Yang Guo might end up being prettier than Xiaolongnü in the upcoming Return of the Condor Heroes adaptation…

Ben Affleck may be the next Batman, but guess who the next Xiaolongnü (Little Dragon Maiden) is going to be? Producer-screenwriter Yu Zheng finally announced who he’d selected to play the female lead in his upcoming adaptation of Return of the Condor Heroes (神雕侠侣). Amid heavy speculation that the role would go to Angelababy, Guo Biting, or even Yuan Shanshan, Yu Zheng decided on the one name no one would have thought of: Michelle Chen.

The revelation led to much criticism online. Although Michelle shot to fame after starring in the 2011 Taiwanese romance film You Are the Apple of My Eye (那些年,我们一起追的女孩), many netizens feel she lacks the physical characteristics requisite to portray Xiaolongnü. “The string on which Xiaolongnü sleeps will be crushed by her weight,” some wrote.

The hashtag “Yu Zheng, get out of the entertainment industry” soon became a hot topic on Sina Weibo, but like always, Yu Zheng has stuck to his guns. “I dare to guarantee that after Michelle’s costume photos are released,” he said in an interview, “no one will say she doesn’t look like Xiaolongnü.”

Now that the photos have been released (there’s another one behind the cut), you can take a look and decide for yourself. Does Michelle Chen fit your image of one of the most ethereal beauties in the wuxia universe?


Photoshoot Friday: August 23, 2013

Kitty Zhang Yuqi went to Tibet and left us with a few pictures of her on camels horned animals. Zhao Liying, fresh from her role as a little carp spirit in Legend of the Mermaid, now becomes even more endearing as a silver-horned devil, and then a secret agent. Shu Qi is elegant as usual, for Bazaar; Bai Baihe seems a little disconcerted for Let’s. Li Bingbing is fresh and pretty in a green shoot for Trendslife, and Liu Xin finishes off the shoot in a leather corset and jacket. Look below the cut for more pictures.  (more…)

Movie “The Palace” Releases First Trailer

I love this contrast between the two characters

Anyone following Yu Zheng on weibo probably knows that he’s been wanting to make a movie for a while now. Yu Zheng has finally achieved that dream with The Palace, part of his popular time-travel intrigue franchise.

Chen Xiang (Zhou Dongyu) enters the palace and befriend the ambitious Liu Li (Zhao Liying). While Liu Li attempts to set up “accidental” meeting for herself with the princes, Chen Xiang has a chance encounter with the 13th Prince (Chen Xiao). However, Liu Li betrays and frame Chen Xiang to become the wife of the 13th Prince. Are Chen Xiang and 13th Prince destined to be or will she fall into the arms 9th Prince (Zhu Zixiao)?


The Many Faces of Chen Xiao


Yu Zheng seems to have a talent for finding and turning talented, but underrated, actors into overnight commercial successes. Whether it is due to his script or the chemistry between the leads, the popularity of Yu Zheng dramas seems to go hand-in-hand with the popularity of the lead couple. This is no different in his recent work; in The Legend of Lu Zhen 陆贞传奇, the cute onscreen interaction between Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying made this intrigue melodrama much more enjoyable.

Chen Xiao showing off his preschooler mentality on the four emotions segment of Women vs Men in the video above. Continue reading below the cut for a small summary of Chen Xiao’s road to success and teasing teaser photos from recent photoshoots. (more…)

Music Monday: May 20, 2013

Mondays are always hard...
Mondays are always hard…

This week’s playlist includes: a Sichuan all-star dedication to their hometown, a Bibi-style track from Bibi Zhou Bichang, a dance track from Vivi Jiang Yingrong, a retro pop track from Kiki Hu Ling, an English song from Jeno Liu Liyang, a hometown dedication from Ji Jie, a track from post-90s singer/songwriter Ah Qiao, and a track from returning singer Ruan Danqing. In addition, this week’s relevant OSTs include theme songs from Yu Zheng costume drama Female Prime Minister, costume action drama Hero, a modern romance drama Marriage Article 22, and upcoming movie American Dreams in China.

First, Sichuanese artists want to remind you that Sichuan is Still Beautiful.