The Legend of Zu releases a trailer

Why hello… errr…. costar/boss-producer/individual-I-have-an-unhealthy-grudge-with…

The Legend of Zu, produced and starring Nicky Wu, has released a trailer.  Starring William Chan and Zhao Liyin in her second yet-to-be-released melodrama (certifiable simply by watching the trailer)… with her playing an immortal in an un-health relationship.  We can probably just conclude by saying things are complicated.

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“The Palace” stands out with antique painting posters

Who would win in a cutest babyface competition? Zhou Dongyu or Zhao Liying?

Fan Bingbing and Guo Jingming are not the only ones taking a stab at producing films this year. Joinng them for the Qixi holiday will be drama writer Yu Zheng’s first film, “The Palace.” Starring Zhou Dongyu, Chen Xiao, Zhao Liying, Zhu Zixiao, “The Palace” the film will will follow yet another young maiden as she enters the Forbidden Palace.

As the only major period film of the summer, The Palace lives up the name with a beautiful set of antique painting posters. Unfortunately, I still think everything else  about the film screams horror film, but this set of painting-themed posters are rather pretty, as is the cast.
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Mermaid Zhao Liying swims, smiles, and scores

Zhao Liying trying really hard to smile, but all she really wants is to be with Chen Xiao again, which’ll be soon as their movie gets ready to air next month.

Despite the doubious CGI and underwater fashion, Zhao Liying‘s Mermaid Legend 追鱼传奇 turned out to be much more cute than one would’ve expected from its trailer.

Zhao Liying plays a carp fish who’s training to become a dragon, and you’re constantly reminded of her fishiness whenever she puffs her mouth in the most adorable and least annoying way possible. After upsetting the Dragon King, she must proof the joys of human love by helping  Kenny Kwan’s character get married to his betrothed (Dai Jiaoqian), who unfortunately turned out to be from a gold-digging family who want her to be the crowned princess. Added in the mix are mini-detective stories as Kenny Kwan’s character passes his time  solving crimes, with the occasional help from the great Justice Bao himself.

The series airs two episodes per day on Saturdays and Sundays on Hunan TV, with its cast going on Happy Camp this week.

Music Monday: July 22, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

This week’s Music Monday includes HIT-5 in a sleepless city, Lu Hu being lazy on a rainy day, Li Wei enjoying his life, Wu Yi reluctant to forget something, Chae Yeon singing a sad song in Chinese, Ah Si eating fried chicken, Qi Ya stalking people on campus for her MV, Sun Jian and Li Daimo being depressed, and a song about legend of a mermaid.

After 15 years together, Yu Quan is still the most beautiful.
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Weibo Wednesday: May 29, 2013


Who’s more scary?

Animals are this week’s theme, with  Chen Xiao (above) as a cat, Li Yundi as a panda, Hope group as a human/monkey/pig, etc,  . Meanwhile, Ni Ni kisses a duck while Sodagreen‘s Wu QIngfeng chills with the deers.

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Weibo Wednesday: May 22, 2013

高圆圆: 十五年,时间在流逝,青春在流逝,baby fat在流逝……但是友谊存,有增无减,一辈子的好姐妹![哈哈]@刘希媛real @江玲611 @许还幻

Fifteen years. Time’s flowing, youth is leaving, baby fat is losing …… but friendship remains, only increasing and not decreasing. Good sisters for life! @Liu Xiyuaan @Jiang Ling @Xu Haihuan

Gao Yuanyuan and co. shows that they haven’t aged at all in 15 years by striking a pose similar to a photo from 15 years ago, except they all look younger.

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Photoshoot Friday: May 3, 2013

 photo 704_955329_469910_zps101dfe5e.jpg

Isn’t Tong Liya adorable here? The rest of her shoot is more sophisticated and dreamy; look at it below the cut! The actress is currently leading in the television adaption of Aftershock. Meanwhile, Liu Shishi (Desert Melody is still stalled with SARFT, it seems, hooray! unfortunately). Laure Shang tosses in the black-and-white elegance for this round-up, though she’s got competition from Li Qin (the actress is posing for Chic! Elegance, after all!). Li Qin is currently filming new modern idol series The Heiress Returns 千金归来 with Li Yifeng and Li Wei. Zhao Liying‘s drama with Chen Xiao, Female Prime Minister, is finally coming out this weekend; fittingly, she’s smiling very sweetly in this post. Asides from that, Tang Wei is also in this post; no sign of any men, though… Continue reading