Dong Jie, Han Dong star in Shandong’s latest Republican drama

Can you find the anachronistic mistake in the book?

Can you find the anachronism in this photo of Han Dong?

Hu Ge and Wallace Huo aren’t the only idol actors tapped by Shandong Film and TV Group for their entrance into the new world of popular drama.   Han Dong and Dong Jie star in the latest production from the company,  Republican-era drama  Nanking Love Story 南京爱情故事.  Dong Jie plays a singer who uses her voice to fight for the silenced city, while Han Dong plays her love out-of-arranged-marriage who appears to join the army based on the stills.

Scriptwriter Zhao Dongling has had a good track record, but Nanjing in the late 1930’s is one of the hardest and most touchy time periods to depict on the screen,  and so far there have been no successes, so we’ll see how it turns out. As for yours truly, I’ve already cried twice just in the process of writing this  post alone while thinking about the Rape of Nanking, which I’m not even sure this drama covers.

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