Stars in the sky for Elle Anniversary Event

Look at these beautiful people attending a party for Elle China’s 30th birthday party.  The event is somewhere up high in Shanghai, but it’s not like you can tell from the photos since they just used two fake skies as a backdrop.

Guests include  Ni Ni, Li Yuchun, Yang Mi, Tang Yan, Angelababy, Song Qian, Bai Baihe, Liu Wen, Zhang Zilin, Wang Junkai, Lin Yanjun, Mao Buyi, Xu Weizhou, and the casts of Meteor Garden, The Story of Yanxi Palace, and Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace. There are others at the event but I only included people who got an official photo from Elle and a few notable looks. Which ones are your favorites?

Elle Cover Girls. I like how Li Yuchun is just like, nope, not doing that weird heart thing.

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Photoshoot Friday: Keeping cool?

Model Zhang Xinyuan wows again with her new photoshoot, in which she goes for an Ophelia (the Pre-Ralphaelite painting) theme with numerous pale blue hydrangeas. She’s followed by Gao Yuanyuan, who’s draped with sweaters of the same color (winter in Australia, after all…) Meanwhile, Qin Lan goes for clear cut black and white business clothing, and Zhang Zilin wants you to “stay cool” on Marie Claire’s cover. Look below the cut for more pictures! Continue reading

The Monkey King in 3D releases trailer, character posters

Making exciting-looking posters has become stuffing as many copies of the Monkey King as we can on it while also preferably using a battle scene as a background.

Much delayed and highly anticipated film The Monkey King in 3D starring Donnie Yen, Chow Yun-fat, Aaron Kwok, Joe Chen, Peter Ho, Zhang Zilin, among others has released production goodies, hopefully signifying that this newest release date will actually be the real one.  The Monkey King is yet another spinoff of Journey to the West without the actual journey, this time focusing on the Monkey King wrecking havoc in the heavens.

Trailer below, second trailer here, behind-the-scenes here, and character posters below the cut.

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Photoshoot Friday: Dark

See the rest of Jiang XIn’s photo shoot a few sets below the cut.

Who makes you want to buy jewelry from Bazaar more, Jiang Xin or Angelababy? Jiang Xin has some lovely photos in this set. She, like Tang Wei, is dressed in a somewhat vintage style; others, like Zhang Zilin, Zhang Ziyi, and Jing Tian deck out in long and sweeping dresses. Tong Liya looks like a lady, while Yang Mi wears a few more wedding dresses. Li Fei’er goes for a more sultry look, while the only male Wei Chen looks like a member of the Lost Generation (to me).

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Street Style: Last Reminder of Summer

 photo 19142_293112_462094_zpsdae71f69.jpg

Sunny clothes and sunny smile for Joe Chen Qiao’en.

As summer comes to an end – August is gone already – fashionable c-celebs end it in style. (Or really, Cfensi introduces you to their pretty clothes so we can slide out of that season with style). Look below the cut for Wang LIkun, Nicky Wu, Ma Su, and more.
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Photoshoot Friday: June 7, 2013 – Blue skies everywhere

 photo 16124_259246_281687_zps699014aa.jpg

Zhou Xun models the pose you should follow in order to embark on your adventure.

Live vicariously through these photoshoots – Li Yuchun is clearly enjoying herself by the ocean, Liang Jing sits by the ocean, and Bai Baihe seems to be ready to surf in the ocean. Zhang Zilin is perfectly at ease as she travels under open skies (towards the ocean, maybe?) Zhou Xun, though, stays in the city (and looks gorgeous even with thick eyebrows!), and Jane Zhang surrounds herself with marble statues. There’s also a very elegant and posh Jing Tian for L’Officiel (who wears a dress that is suspiciously similar to one we have seen Zhao Wei and Lin Zhiling wear here). Look under the cut for loads of pictures!  Continue reading

Miss China Universe 2009, Miss World 2007, a Comparison, and a blog entry about Liu Xiang

Ok… because someone asked me who China’s entry into Miss Universe was:


Name: Wang Jingyao

Height: 182 cm

Measurements: 81/61/90

I don’t know anything else about her but this particular request reminded me  of another request, by another commenter to translate Miss World 2007, Zhang Zilin‘s blog entry in defense of Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang, which deeply impressed me when I read it; it was beautifully written.  Not to mention that she took her time to write an essay about the matter because she could help, and I think that’s the beauty of these “beauty pageants”, they find people who in general love helping others.

So I’ve put the translation below the cut, and I also talk about the difference between Miss World vs Miss Universe as it pertains to China.

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