“Where are we going? Dad” movie coming soon


We have witnessed the growth of the kids as well as the parents in Season 1.

The first season of “Where are we going? Dad” will end on 27 December. The five fathers and their kids have left a deep impression on viewers because of their interesting and cute interactions when they carried out their missions. The movie version will give them a mission called the “Ultimate Challenge” where the five father-kid pair will head towards Guangzhou Changlong Safari Park to play with white tiger cubs, koalas, monkeys, and interact with other animals to test their limits. The director, Teng Huatao who filmed Love is Not Blind will join in this movie.

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“Where are we going? Dad” comes to an end


Saving the world with costumes they wore on Happy Camp,  by SilentS

Hunan’s ” Where are we going? Dad 爸爸去哪儿” is approaching to an end. It has been a great success, receiving great reception in China. Many fathers, including China’s famous footballer Zheng Zhi, have volunteered to participate in Season 2.

Meanwhile, check out these cute pictures drawn by a fan, Shi Shi.

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Weibo Wednesday: kids special



The popularity of “Where are we going? Dad” have made all celebs more willing to show off their kids. Kids-based weibo’s of  Han Han, Vicki Zhao Wei, Yao Chen, Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang, and Tian Liang and Zhang Liang.

First up is actor Jia Nailiang, of the currently-airing Best Time,  celebrating the 1-year-old birthday of his daughter with Li Xiaolu.

My goddess, my baby is a year old today, and I feel more happy than I would feel with a hundred of my own birthdays. The birthday of the child, a tiring day for the mom, Lulu, thank you for everything, I love you two.

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Dad, everyone loves Shitou!


“Psst, now that I’ve walked in on you changing twice, I won’t abandon you!”

The “macho man” that Tiantian looks up to, the boy who can beat Cindy at arm wrestling and running , the older brother who picks a worse house so that the younger kids won’t cry, Shitou (Guo Zirui) was unanimously voted everyone’s favorite by the other kids on the Yunnan trip of Where are we going? Dad . Soft-hearted and insecure himself, Shitou switches between strong, thoughtful, caring, and shy.
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Where are we going? To the desert!

Tiantian screensaver

Tiantian the model, providing yours truly with a new screensaver every trip.

Stills of mostly Kimi, Zhang Tiantian, and Zhang Liang from the desert trip of Where are we going? Dad.    The group went desert camping, camel-riding,  fishing, goat  herding, cow milking, and helped to build grass grids to prevent desertification in Shapotou.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kimi shows you how to be #Likeaboss

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Where are we going? To the sea!

tiantian screensaver

Tiantian is so pretty,  a grandpa in this episode was  shocked to find out he was a boy.

Gorgeous and adorable  photos from the Jiming island of Shandong, where the “Where are we going? Dad” group had fun going crabbing, fishing, fixing a seagrass house for an elderly woman, and playing with elderly villagers whose children have left the village to work.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Woman-who-runs-like-the-wind  on her way to see the flower boy.

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Zhang Liang,Tiantian for 1626

“In my home, the rankings of importance ares my mom, me, my dog , and my dad.  Except our dog ran away so my dad’s now third” – Zhang Tiantian.

Despite being extremely adorkable and  saccharine to each other on TV, model Zhang Liang and  son Tiantian are always ready with their model faces when it comes to shoots.  There latest is one for fashion magazine 1626  by  photographer Win Tam.  Watch the hyperactive pair in the behind the scenes below:

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Weibo Wednesday: Relationships Edition

In addition to the three pairs mentioned before, also joining the relationship train are official acknowledgments of relationships for Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han, Jiang Xin and Ye Zuxin, Qiao Zhenyu, and Wang Luodan.

张翰: 小怪物回家啦乐得

Zhang Han finally posts a photo of him and Zheng Shuang together after their Meteor Shower days, showing the two of them visiting Disney World together. Although… you can’t really tell that they’re at Disney World. They could be at a random park, for all we know. At least get Mickey in the background next time, kiddos.

Finally going home, little monster! ;b So happy!  :D :D :D

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