Stills for upcoming historical romance drama The Promise of Chang’an

The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 stars Zhao Yingzi (Spy Hunter)Cheng Yi (Noble Aspirations) and Han Dong (Beauties in the Closet) in a love triangle spanning decades, and follows the heroine’s journey from the daughter of a respected tribal leader to the empress dowager of a kingdom.

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Promo Round-up: Rule the World

Tang Yixin (The Advisors Alliance) plays Dong’ge, the most beautiful woman in the Jurchen tribes who gets involved in a love triangle with Nurhaci and his sons. She’ll fall in love with Daishan, played by Zhang Rui, and then his younger brother Huang Taiji (who was actually still a kid at this point in the original novel), played by Raymond Lam, and also gets caught up in a dangerous game of politics.

(Turn on CC for subs)

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Behind the Scenes with Rule the World

Rule the World 独步天下 has released behind the scenes images.  Starring Raymond LamTang Yixin, Zhang RuiQu ChuxiaoJing GangshanChen XinyuWang KaiyiHuang Deyi, and Yan Zidong, a look for those keeping tabs on this production.

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Rule the World character stills

Qing dynasty drama for those interested.

Rule the World 独步天下 has released character posters.  Starring Raymond LamTang Yixin, Zhang RuiQu ChuxiaoJing GangshanChen XinyuWang KaiyiHuang Deyi, and Yan Zidong, those interested in this production can get a look at the actors and actresses in costume.

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The Magnificent Five starts filming

At least the artistic posters are interesting…

A new fantasy drama called The Magnificent Five 墨客行 has started filming.  Starring Xu Lu, Zhang Rui, Gao Yang, and Xu Haiqiao, not sure how well this fantasy drama will fare in the light of all the other Chinese fantasy dramas as competition.

More stills and posters below the cut.

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Chinese Paladin 5: Clouds of the World releases more stills

It’s been so long since I can remember a RPG converted successfully into a drama in a way that pleased me.

I found a couple random Chinese Paladin 5: Clouds of the World stills that we must have somehow missed… so until we find a way to raid Tangren’s back photo closet, here they are, featuring  Zhang Rui, Guo Zhenni, Ye Qing, and Wu Jianfei.  hooray for more costumes to look at… and “ethnic” ones that don’t look too misplaced or badly done…

More stills below the cut.
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Music Monday: December 23, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

This Music Monday include: Newage pianist Vanros Kloud (V.K克), actor-turn-sing-turn-MC Ray Zhang Rui, the beautiful Jikejuanyi (吉克隽逸), cute little Zhou Ziyan, the powerful vocal of Huang Qishan, comedian acapella party group Panda Bros, glam rock band Lilith, zhong guo feng girl group Seven Sense trying something new, underage boys and girls from TF Family and Blog Girls.

Jin Zhiwen (金志文) and Guan Zhe (关喆) – Old Friends Diary.
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“Flowers in Fog” releases microfilm

Ice cream + winter sweater = good combo!

Li Sheng and Zhang Rui of  Flowers in Fog join together once more to film a pretty side microfilm for the series, Smiling girl and silly boy. She has so far finished filming three other series –  Wine Beauty with Myolie Wu and Roy Qiu, a remake of Moment in Beiijng with Gao Ziqi, and ancient series 天地情缘 with Gao Yunxiang and Huang Ming.  He’s been awkwardly starring in sequels of the inferior Sui-Tang series while filming variety show Two Days and a Night.  More photos below the cut and here.

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