Promo Round-up: The Legend of Haolan

Upcoming palace intrigue drama The Legend of Haolan stars Wu Jinyan as Li Haolan, a former noble lady of the Zhao state who is first a concubine to merchant-turned-politician Lv Buwei (Nie Yuan) before marrying the future ruler of the Qin state Ying Yiren (Mao Zijun).

The 63 episode drama will release two episodes every Saturday to Tuesday on iQiyi / MZTV beginning tonight. Members get an 8 episode head start.

Opening theme song by Lu Hu and Huang Yali
Ending theme song by Gao Yu’er

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Yin Tao plays Wu Jinyan’s boss in upcoming drama Standardized Life

Standardized Life 标化人生 / Fighting Youth 正青春 is an upcoming workplace drama starring Wu Jinyan (Hear the Bells Ring on Shanghai Bund) as Zhang Xiaoyu, the plucky new assistant to Yin Tao’s (The Years You Were Late) Lin Rui, SW company’s smart and capable sales director and the most likely candidate to take over the position of leader from Shu Wanting (Liu Mintao).

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Engaged/Married: Zhang Xinyi, Yang Shupeng;Zhang Nan, Zhao Yunlei


杨树鹏:那么,一起来打怪兽吧。 @张歆艺 [酷]

Yang Shupeng: Then, let us fight the monsters together. @Zhang Xinyi

Director Yang Shupeng and actress Zhang Xinyi (above) have announced that they have tied the knot with a cute weibo on Sina.

Meanwhile, badminton players Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei, who became the only couple to have won the summer olympics together when the won the Mixed Doubles in 2012, finally moved their couples ring from their middle finger tho their ring finger. The shift was noticed during this year’s Sudirman Cup this week, when the couple helped China to its fifth consecutive win.   Congrats to the lovely pair both on and off court!


Zhao Yunlei (R) and Zhang Nan(L) at the Sudirman Cup. Photo by 鸭梨山大Wang