Promo Round-up: Game of Hunting

Hu Ge’s most anticipated drama since the end of Nirvana in Fire in 2015Game of Hunting follows protagonist Zheng Qiudong’s journey from an idealistic entrepreneur to a skilled headhunter.

However, the path is far from smooth – his business fails after Bai Liqin’s (Zu Feng) death, and the teaser suggests he also spends time in prison after being betrayed by girlfriend (Jian Renzi). Thankfully Qiudong befriends wise inmate Liu Liangti (cameo by Sun Honglei), who points him in the right direction after he is released. The 45 episode drama begins airing tonight.

Drama opening theme (I’m intrigued by all the symbolism):

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Hu Ge’s Game of Hunting begins in new trailer

Hu Ge’s new drama Game of Hunting 猎场 (previously translated as Hunting Ground) is finally going to see the light of day after a lengthy legal dispute between the production company and broadcasters Hunan TV and LeTV, and has released an official trailer ahead of its premiere in the third quarter of the year.

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In this world’s circus, Chen Long’s wife is his ringmaster


He would dress up like a clown for her, and let her throw daggers at him. No, really, look below the cut.

2012 is definitely the year of love for C-celebs. Not to be outdone by Jia Nailing and Li Xiaolu (the former kissed the latter’s foot in a series of photos from their wedding), newlyweds Chen Long (All men are brothers, Young Warriors of the Yang Clan)and Zhang Lingzhi (My Sassy Girlfriend)  posed for their own photo shoot, in honor of their recent marriage.  Instead of flowers and soft white dresses, Chen Long and Zhang Lingzhi went for a brighter, more comical scheme. Look below the cut for more pictures from their circus-themed shoot together. IR.