Aaron Kwok, Zhao Liying’s republican spy film gears up for premiere

Eternal Wave 密战 is the movie remake of the 1958 action spy film of the same name (Chinese title: 永不消失的电波). In 1930s Shanghai, an anonymous telegraph leads the puppet government to an important underground meeting point and the death of a skilled Communist agent. Aaron Kwok (Peace Breaker) infiltrates the Kuomintang as a businessman from Chongqing to find the betrayer.

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Harper’s Bazaar Charity Gala red carpet round-up

Can you imagine how photogenic Jing Boran and Ni Ni’s babies would be. 

The guests at this year’s Harper’s Bazaar Charity Gala is a who’s who of Chinese actors this year.  Here are some of the stars on the red carpet, including  Zhang Ziyi, Carina Lau, Fan Bingbing, Li Bingbing, Yang Mi, Lu Han, Angelababy,  Yao Chen, Chris Li Yuchun, Ni Ni, Jing Boran, Zhang Ruoyun, Tang Yixin, Zhang Lanxin, Jiang Xin, Amber Kuo, Bea Hayden, Wang Ziwen, Li Xiaolu, Jia Nailiang, Ying’er, Aarif Lee, Zhao Liying, Qiao Xin, Zhang Yunlong, Zhang Binbin, Li Yundi, Chen Xuedong, Ruby Lin, Wallace Huo, Ady An Yixuan, Shawn Dou Xiao, etc.   There were a lot more stars (like Fan Bingbing’s boyfriend Li Chen, Angelababy’s husband Huang Xiaoming),  but their outfits were boring.

Clothes identification from : Starstylefashion@Weibo , clothes from the Bazaar Weibo or the star’s own Weibo’s (this is fair because both are PS’ed anyways) .

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Photoshoot Friday: August 9, 2013

 photo 704_1051238_755372_zpsa2125290.jpg

Zhang XInyi looks like she belongs in a romantic painting in her stunningly gorgeous photoshoot, and has accordingly won the cover photo for this week. Meanwhile Feng Shaofeng takes on an air of mystery for L’Officiel Hommes. Zhang Lanxin models swimsuits by the beachin a color saturated BAzaar shoot by the beach, while Ma Su takes a more black and white approach to her photoshoot. Actress JIng Tian goes for slightly more color. Rounding off this week’s Photoshoot Friday is Rhydian Vaughan, who relaxes only a little bit from his suit-bedecked character of Ting Times. Look below the cut for pictures! Continue reading

Photoshoot Friday: May 24, 2013

 photo pfcfensi_zps27808127.png
 photo 704_975033_116962_zpse28c81a8.jpg

Thanks to SJZGloria for our new header!

It doesn’t matter how well she did on X-factor; Alan still shows us a brilliant smile. Sun Li got to welcome summer in bright clothing for one of my favorite magazines (Marie CLaire), while Liu Shishi is one step ahead and already at a beach. Zhang Lanxin adds the obligatory dash of sexy to our weekly post. Wang Xi seems to be dressed up like a bird and Yuan Shanshan actually doesn’t look too bad as a tomboy. Luo Jin’s most amusing picture involves two zebras. Nicky Wu and Liu Sidan are adorable as they flirt for their shoot. Zhang Han is worldly for Cosmopolitan, and Jiang Kaitong shows off how pretty she is at a ceramics house in Tianjin. Guo Zhenni seems to be reliving her youth in a carousel shoot. Jiang Jianfu would like to be a flower boy, but it doesn’t seem to be working, and Gulinazha just laughs at him.

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Photoshoot Round Up: Loads of Color

 photo 704_905154_897640_zps72c8f39f.jpg

There’s only one picture of a male (Wallace Huo) in this round up…but don’t worry, it’s all you need. 

Though, if you’re only going to look at one of the photo shoots in this batch, look at Ni Ni‘s shoot for Cosmopolitan –  it’s incredible how well she’s pulled off those neon colors. Yuan Shanshan also did one for Cosmo, from which a few pictures have been posted below (there, the vegetation varies more than her expresions). Zhang Lanxin is also quite tropical and posed with a parrot for Bazaar. (She has another one for L’Officiel; the colors are nice, the photoshop less so). Li Bingbing is vibrant in her shoot, also for Bazaar. Li Yuchun’s colors are darker, but that doesn’t stop her from sparkling (literally). Look below the cut!

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