Feng Shaofeng, Chen Baoguo begin an empire in The Imperial Age

Finally, a Ming dynasty drama with expensive-looking costumes!

Feng Shaofeng plays the third emperor of the Ming dynasty in drama The Imperial Age 江山纪. He’s joined by Chen Baoguo as his father Zhu Yuanzhang, Ying’er as his empress, Chen Yuemo as his nephew, as well as Zhang Fengyi, Wang Jinsong, and Mickey He.  Director Gao Xixi (New Three Kingdoms, The King’s War)’s recent works have been a combination of hits and misses, but at least the costumes look amazing.
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First batch of stills for Novoland: Eagle Flag

Novoland: Eagle Flag has released character stills, and I can’t take my eyes off the supporting cast. I need them as leads in a political intrigue drama of their own right now.

If anyone’s become a fan of Liu Haoran in ancient garb after Nirvana in Fire 2, then this will be the perfect follow-up drama when it airs in 2019.

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Character posters for the main cast of Novoland: Eagle Flag

Novoland: Eagle Flag 九州·缥缈录 is an upcoming ancient fantasy drama that will chronicle the rise of a generation of young heroes, and has confirmed Liu Haoran (Nirvana in Fire II)Chen Ruoxuan (From tonight, the path will be white) and Song Zu’er (Nezha in Lotus Lantern Prequel, Boyhood) as leads.

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Teasers for 2018 anti-corruption dramas starring Liu Tao, Zhang Fengyi and more

Puzzle 拼图 (previously known as Tempest of Anti-Corruption 反贪风暴)

40 episodes, daily drama on Dragon TV and Zhejiang TV
Director: Zheng Xiaolong 
(ER Doctors)
Writers: Ren Yun (Metamorphosis), Gong Xiangdong (Editorial Department Story)

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Fan Bingbing shines at 82 in The Empress of China

Probably something close to what my face looked like when I first saw this… doing a double-take.

More stills of what looks like the palace entrance ceremony for court ladies has been released for The Empress of China, featuring Fan Bingbing, Kathy Chow, and Janine Chang.  Finally, Fan Bingbing has taken it upon herself to show us what the 82 year old (assuming in Chinese years since Wu Zetian died at 81) empress will look like before she leaves this world.

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Fan Bingbing dons armor for The Empress of China

You can't tell I'm a girl with this thin veil!

Fan Bingbing as the Prince of Lanling with a cheap mask

We all know Fan bingbing is fierce, and Wu Zetian is fierce, and what better way to show their combined power than in combat? Although there are no historical records of Wu Zetian in combat, Fan Bingbing dons a shiny armor for therole in The Empress of China.

See the veil lifted below the cut.

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