Wang Yuan, Ouyang Nana star in xianxia drama The Great Lord


Eighteen-year-olds Wang Yuan and Ouyang Nana will make their ancient drama leading debut in the latest xianxia drama The Great Lord 大主宰, which just released character posters.

They’re joined by Xu Hao, fomerly of RTA, in his first drama role and Luo Mingjie of cult film Our Shining Days fame.  Based on the book of the same name by Tianchantudou 天蚕土豆 ( Fights Break Spheres), this follows every xianxia plot of a protagonist who learns magic/martial arts through a series of accidents, dates someone who is either royalty or a god (in this case it’s both),  and must now save the world.

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“Realm of Love” shows off its fresh blood, guest stars


Mini Yuan Hong,  Ruby Lin, and  Kenny Kwan, get them while they’re young!

Ruby Lin’s “Realm of Love: The Long Ballad released another set of stills with its guest stars, including Qi Wei, Ma Tianyu, Ren Quan, and the adorable young versions of  the lead characters played by Zhang Chenghang (Yuan Hong), Yang Zhiwen (Ruby Lin), and Zheng Yecheng (Kenny Kwon).

Yang Zhiwen and Zhang Chenghang are also the latest members of Ruby Lin’s Workshop, so we’ll see plenty more of them. Continue reading