Li Yitong, Jin Chen’s friendship drama Dear Missy releases trailer

Female friendship dramas will be getting a head start over the 2021-2022 bromance dramas with the upcoming premiere of Dear Missy 了不起的女孩, a drama that is supposed to be a loose adaption of Gossip Girl. Jin Chen and Li Yitong as best friends who reunite after almost a decade. [Extended Synopsis]

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Li Yitong, Jin Chen cast in remake of Gossip Girl

Instead of focusing on the privileged elite, this very loose remake is titled Dear Missy 了不起的女孩, and stars Li Yitong (Bloody Romance) and Jin Chen (All Is Well With Us) as a pair of best friends who breakup during high school due to differing personalities and rekindle their friendship after almost a decade.

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College romance drama Exclusive Memory to air on 14th

Somewhere Only We Know / Exclusive Memory 独家记忆 begins with a misunderstanding where physics PhD student Mu Chenghe (Zhang Chao) catches third-year student Xue Tong (Li Tingting) cheating during exams, and eventually leads to a two-way crush. [iQiyi Trailer]

Promotional theme song by Zhou Erke

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Kris Wu sings for new Xu Jinglei film


Wu Yifan deep in thought about how he’s ever going to pass for Feng Xiaogang’s son.

First glimpses of Xu Jinglei‘s first romance, Somewhere only we know 有一个地方只有我们知道 starring Kris Wu, Wang Likun, Zhang Chao, and Nayizha, are shown in Kris Wu’s latest MV for the film. Being Xu Jinglei’s new favorite, Kris Wu is also expected to play Feng Xiaogang’s son for upcoming Guan Hu film Old Punk 老炮儿.

P.S. Anyone know who is the random white guy that Xu Jinglei is snuggling with?

Xu Jinglei returns with new film; are females more likely to cast new actors?


After overspending on plane tickets, Xu Jinglei decides to film the entire movie via her iPhone.

One of China’s most successful chick flick directors, Xu Jinglei, returns after a two-year hiatus with “Somewhere only we know.”   As with before, she’s using all new film leads, including Wang LikunKris Wu YifanZhang Chao, and Reyizha  The script is written by Wang Shuo of the box-office record-breaking films Personal Tailor and  If you’re the one 2. More photos and musing below the cut.

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Prince of Tennis Season 2 Begins Production

Oh man...the netizens are going to attack me again.

Just let me rest bfore the netizens attack me again with their vicious verbal abuse.

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to play by the rules.  Hunan TV, despite having some shameless promotion tactics, and a reputation in China for being “Shanzhai”, has had a long history of turning out good dramas, from Princess Returning Pearl to their latest Ugly Wudi. In contrast, straight-forward Shanghai-based Dragon TV has always been kind of fail with their attempts at shows. For a station situated in such a trendy city, Dragon (aka Tomato) TV has been one step behind Changsha-based  Hunan-TV, and never had the knack that Hunan TV has had in actually delivering quality fun drama. It was however, the first in China to tackle adapting a manga, buying the rights for a live-action drama adaptation to the fanatically-followed manga, Prince of Tennis in 2007, with much support and enthusiasm from its writer, Takeshi Konomi who hoped this would help promote his beloved manga in the huge Chinese market.

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If they were Daomingsi/Domyouji

BOBO obviously didn't care for a role in Meteor Garden

Despite the influx of fans spamming various forums on Baidu to argue that the “Four Hotties” of My Hero should’ve starred as F4 in a mainland remake of Meteor Garden, the top five of My Hero obviously didn’t care for a role in Meteor Garden.

When asked what they thought of Daoming Si, only Kimi replied positively, saying that he was loyal to his friends. Jing Boran replied “an useless person” and Fu Xinbo said “a bit unintelligent”. If they were Daomingsi, the first thing that both Kimi Qiao and Jing Boran would do is to get a new haircut; Fu Xinbo would start being responsible to his career as well as love; Li Yifeng would become a police officer. Continue reading