Stars brave the cold for ELLE Style Awards

Below are some of the stars’ red carpet looks for the ELLE event – which ones are your favourite?

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Friday Photos: Sisters Who Make Waves

Statuesque Ning Jing

This weeks’ photoshoots consists of some of my favorite recent photoshoots of Sisters Who Make Waves. While I have mixed feelings about the show itself, I do love many of the contestants and hope the best for them after the show.

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Best stages from Sisters Who Make Waves

Sisters Who Make Waves is a show that relies on the charisma and personality of the big sisters, so I wasn’t too fussed by the shoddy camerawork for the performance stages.

Up first is Ning Jing, Aduo and Cindy Yen’s Orchid Grass. This cover is stunning, and the empowering lyrics (different from the original) are a perfect representation of the performers:

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Ma Tianyu stars in first modern drama “Romance in the Kitchen”

Ma Tianyu

After adorable roles in historical dramas, Ma Tianyu returns in his first major modern role.

Pretty boy Ma Tianyu is finally leading in a modern drama. Based on the internet novel 妲己的任务, “Romance in the Kitchen浪漫满厨” is a romantic comedy where a magical ring makes the main character live as if she were a video game character, with assigned tasks and experience points popping out at her as she goes on her daily activity.

Her two major tasks?
1. Repay a 3 million RMB debt by learning a special dish from the  master chef  Mi Qing.
2. get married in three years.

As she secures an apprenticeship with Mi Qing and  moves in with him to learn the ropes, she might have also found hope for task 2 with her bickering friend, the wealthy business owner Tang Dong. Yet love is also baking with the odd apprentice-teacher relationship. …

The series stars Ma Tianyu, Deng Jiajia, Yumiko Cheng and producer/actor Jiang Bing.

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The 12th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) Opens


Cast of Sophie's Revenge working the red carpet.

This is one of the two A-List film festivals in Asia, the other being Tokyo. Despite starting late (1993), organizers have been working hard to make this as prestigious as possible, a subjective measure, and it does seem to be a step up from last year with Danny Boyle heading the jury, and various other stars walking the red carpet. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of these pictures already, sorry for the lateness! I’ll post on the SIFF again later.

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Stage of Youth Preview + NGs + Wrap Up Celebration Pics

It’s basically like half mainland stars and half EEG people. What…is the point of Kenny Kwan? His acting looks so exaggerated, and while I don’t really seem to mind Joey Yung and Yumiko Cheng’s accents when they speak in mandarin, his bothers the heck out of me. That + the exaggerated acting is very, very painful to watch.

I have a feeling I’ll be disappointed with Zhang Junning’s part…he just looks pensive in this, and it doesn’t seem like his role is very big. And he seems to be paired with Yumiko. Ugh. I’m going to fast forward to those parts anyway.  

/useless commentary about a show that I’ve posted too much on.

Edit: Whoops. I put up the wrong video before.

Edit 2: Wrap up celebration for the series took place at Han Geng’s mom’s new restaurant. Junning looks cute peering over Han Geng’s shoulder in the background. More pics.