Weibo Wednesday: June 4, 2014

杨幂: 欢迎你,糯米米

If you could figure out whose hands those were without looking at the watermark, major kudos to you! On June 1, Yang Mi and Hawick Lau welcomed a baby girl into the world. The couple has nicknamed their daughter “Little Sticky Rice” since she was born just one day before the Dragon Boat Festival, on which it is traditional to eat zongzi, which are made of sticky rice.

Welcome, sticky rice

Hawick posted on June 1 to update the world on Yang Mi’s condition and wish everyone a happy Children’s Day. (Yes, their kid was born on Children’s Day.) He later reblogged Yang Mi’s photo and added, “Always stick to Daddy and Mommy like this, all right?” Getting emotional already, eh?


Young Detective Dee Releases Trailers and Stills

Trying to out-do the graphics from the two movies (Phantom Flame and Sea Dragon) with stills.

Along with producing her own dramas with her workshop , Ruby Lin will also serve as a producer for Young Detective Dee (retitled as Young Sherlock/少年神探狄仁杰). Bosco Wong (黄宗泽) will play the titular Di Renjie and Ma Tianyu (马天宇) his trusty sidekick Yuanfang. The drama also stars Qi Wei (戚薇) and Sun Xiaoxiao (孙骁骁) as Bosco Wong and Ma Tianyu’s love interests . The series also features special appearances from Ruby Lin (林心如) and Yuan Hong (袁弘) as Empress Wu Zetian and Emperor Gaozong of Tang.

Trailers and stills below the cut.