Weibo Wednesday: October 16, 2013

张翰: 和偶像合个影 咔起来!

Queen of SOP II (胜女的代价2) began airing last month, giving us ample time to soak in its gorgeous cast. Male lead Zhang Han also took the opportunity to tease fans about his relationship with female lead Zheng Shuang, calling her his “idol” in this Weibo post.

Taking a photo with my idol. Click!

Kai Ko decided to hop on the bandwagon and take a picture with his idol as well.
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Weibo Wednesday: October 2, 2013

何炅: 翻出了1997年毛毛虫的照片,下面是今年的……

Is this an adorable caterpillar or is this an adorable caterpillar? Hunan TV host He Jiong may think he’s getting old, but if this pic is anything to go by, he doesn’t look much older now than he did 16 years ago.

I got out the caterpillar photo from 1997. The one underneath is this year’s…

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