Music Monday: ZGF

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

While we wait for all the ancient dramas to air in the upcoming month and year, here are some melodic Zhongguofeng songs from Jane Zhang, Huang Ling, Han Hong, and Ye Yiqan  to alleviate the pain:

Jane Zhang sings the beautiful theme “Wordless Epitaph 无字碑” for The Empress of China, written by Aarif Lee and penned by Fang Wenshang. The lyrics kind of makes me more concerned that this is going to feature a selfless Wu Zetian doing everything for the sake of a narrowly-defined version of love (because of course she’s doing everything for the glory of the Tang, that’s why she overthrew it and started her own dynasty).

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Cindy, your dad and mom fell into the water!

Remember how Cindy had a cuteness competition with the cetaceans at the zoo? Her dad Tian Liang went right into the waters of Palau and swam against a backdrop of sharks. He and Cindy’s mom Ye Yiqian held hands and danced with jellyfish, as these snapshots attest.

To see more of Tian Liang swimming or in the water…you could watch his new drama Sunshine in Me 骄阳似我. Here, he plays Lin Feng, whose idyllic home is broken when his mother mysteriously runs away from home. His father, who loved his mother deeply, stops caring about him and his brother. Thanks to the introduction of Su Xiaoke (Yi Yi), Lin Feng goes on to join an athletic team as a swimmer, while his neglected brother feels the need to prove his worth through succeeding as an athlete. They later find that Lin Feng’s mother is in prison, while Su Xiaoke is the brothers’ amnesiac half sister?
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Cindy, Tian Liang, Ye Yiqian visit the zoo


Water, water, in the glass, who’s the cutest of them all?

Did you want more of baby Cindy and baby animals from the movie? , Tian Liang, Ye Yiqian, and Cindy recently went back to the Changlong zoo, where they hung out with kaolas, beluga whales, and Cindy’s favorite – snakes!  

More cuteness below the cut.
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Cindy turns six, already breaking hearts


This photo was so cute and popular  that Sohu and QQ later reached out and brought the originals to put as their entertainment headliner.

Tian Liang may have been ousted of the “National Father-in-Law” title by Han Han, but that’s only because the competition for Cindy‘s heart is already a tight-race.    #Cindy’s  rumored boyfriend” beat out even the Hong Kong Film Awards to make the top hashtag on Weibo following Guo Tao’s recounting of a comment by Shitou at Cindy’s birthday party.  The birthday party, along with an award for Zhang Liang, also helped the entire Liang^2 family of 7-1 , including Kou Jing, Ye Yiqian, Zhang Liang, Tian Liang, Cindy, and Tiantian, all get in the top ten most searched names on Weibo for the past two days.

Shitou said: “Happy Birthday, Cindy.”
Like a flower waiting to bloom, Cindy smiled,” Thanks, Shitou-gege.”
Shitou then said,”Your rumored boyfriend is still on the road. Let’s not wait and start eating.”

Shitou-ah, you should learn more from Dad when he was young. *tears* *tears* *tears*

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Photoshoot Friday: Dad, Where Are You?

I’m sad that none of these pictures have Cindy in them, but on the plus side, there are several with her parents, Tian Liang and Ye YiqianAngela Wang makes an appearance though, together with her parents Wang Yuelun and Li Xiang. Everyone’s favorite Shitou shows off how tough he is while he poses with father Guo Tao. Jimmy Lin looks smart in a suit – no Kimi to be seen, though. Zhang Liang‘s photo leaves us no doubt that he’s a model, with those long legs…But where’s Tian Tian? Having tea with Cindy?

Sorry, jjss08 is completely smitten with this series.

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Zhang/Tian Liang family reunion!

Happy Valentine’s Day and Lantern Festival, everyone!

As Zhang Liang finally fulfills his promise to call on the Tian family, the two families (both celebrating wedding anniversaries as well) are a  perfect excuse to wish everyone happy holidays for this day of love and family. Continue reading

Cindy dubs for Despicable Me 2, tours Hollywood

Minion, minion, on the wall, who’s the most lovable of them all?

What’s cuter than Agnes and minions? Agnes, minions, and Cindy (and Deng Chao)!  Deng Chao and Cindy dubbed the voices for Gru and Agnes respectively for the mainland dub of Despicable Me 2, Universal Studios’ most profitable film in history and one that was universally reported by the West as having been banned in China because the minions looked like Jiang Zemin…

As a part of the dubbing, Cindy, along with dad Tian Liang and mom Ye Yiqian, were also invited to visit Hollywood, including a tour of Universal Studios.   More cute photos from the Hollywood tour and the press conference below the cut.


While dad and mom are kept low-key with reused outfits, rumor has it Cindy’s in Valentino Haute Couture.

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Cindy might actually be an angel, Zhang Liang is a great dad

 "Good girls become angels, and obedient boys become angels' wives." -  heteronormative but still cute words of  wisdom from Cindy

“Good girls become angels, and obedient boys become angels’ wives.” – heteronormative but still cute words of wisdom from Cindy

Tian Liang and Ye Yiqian‘s daughter  Cindy may have acted like an angel on “Where are we going? Dad”, but in today’s two press conferences, she dressed liked one!
Although that didn’t really hide her “woman who runs like the wind” nature as she run around the stage and threw confetti everywhere. She was so pretty that even Zhang Liang couldn’t help but ask for her hand in marriage for his son, not that Tiantian haven’t already done so want to see her again.



Good girls will become angels, boys, jiayou!  Don’t forget the promises you’ve made once you grow up … *Hehe*

Within a few minutes of Tian Liang posting the Weibo, there were about 10,000 comments @Zhang Liang  and/or @Zhang  Yuexuan under the original post as matchmakers fans interpreted it as a reference to promises a specific boy made.  Model dad Zhang Liang got the message and responded.

About that …… Brother Liang! Are you and sister-in-law home for Chinese New Year’s? I’ll go and call on you! *Cheers*

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