Dad 2 starts airing!

Lu Yi

#How to play with your kids#

Do you like National Geographic but with cute kids in the scene? A Bite of China but with hotter chefs? Where are we going? Dad season 2 has it covered!

So far, I’ve already fallen for Duoduo from the trailers alone, and episode one only confirmed it. As the oldest, she acts really assertive and cool, but seems super nice and sweet on the inside. Bei’er is also a little angel, scared to see others being hurt, but although willing to help everyone and to share. Yang Yangyang is as shy as usual, and is especially cute when he was so happy to see Feymann come to visit, but then went Pokerface as soon as Feymann actually showed up. I keep getting Feymann and Joe confused …

Also, who would’ve thought the pretty boy Lu Yi was the jokester of the group?

What are your favorite moments of episode 1?

Happy Father’s Day from “Dad 2”!

Season two of 2013’s breakout show Where are we going? Dad begins airing on Friday. On Father’s Day today, the show released yet another set of posters of the kids with their dads Lu Yi, Huang Lei, Gary Cao, Yang Wei, and Francis Ng.

Trailer below and more posters below the cut.

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Dad 2 wanders into fantasy with new posters

Who needs Prince Charming when your dad is Lu Yi?

The second season to 2013’s number one variety show, Where are we going? Dad Season  will begin airing on the 20th and stars Francis Ng, Gary Cao, Huang Lei, Lu Yi, Yang Wei, and guest starring people like Yao Ming.

I think these hands down win best variety show posters ever. The quality of these posters, probably by ee-Media’s N13 Studio,  are better than most film posters nowadays.
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“Dad 2” reveals character posters, promo

With six kids, Dad 2 is trying to prevent unnecessary love triangles and going for a 1-1 pairing instead.

With six kids, Dad 2 is trying to prevent unnecessary love triangles and going for a 1-1 pairing instead.

Where are we going? Dad 爸爸去哪儿 season 2 recently revealed character posters and videos of its five new families –  Lu Yi, Huang Lei, Gary Cao, Francis Ng, and Yang Wei. In addition to the original families, the show has also confirmed Yao Ming as a guest star.  The series will replace Divas on the Go 花儿与少年 on Hunan TV on June 20th.

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“Dad 2” confirms cast

Yang Wei's son Yang Yangyang

“Today, my name is Yang Yangyang, and my zodiac is the wolf.”                   –  Yang Wei’s son Yang Yangyang

2013’s hit show “Where are we going? Dad” has confirmed its cast for season 2 – Gary Cao and twins, Yang Wei and son Yang Yangyang, Francis Ng and son, Huang Lei and daughter, and Lu Yi and daughter. The eleven cast members begun filming this weekend. Photos of the kids below.

In addition, the cartoon version of Season 1 begun airing last week.

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Wedding invitations, proposals, and other cuteness.

Seriously, why are Chinese stars so freaking happy this year? So much success in both careers and love that I don’t think I can handle all of them.

After dating for over eight years, diver Guo Jingjing is finally getting married to boyfriend Fok Kai-kong!  Guo Jingjing’s adorable wedding invitation were recently leaked out to the Hong Kong  press. See the photo before for their invitation, which features their baby pictures!

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Chinese Athletes Sing For 5.12


A group of Chinese athletes got together to sing for the One Year remembrance of the devastating earthquake that occurred during 5.12. The singing is quite bad, but I suppose that makes it more admirable that these athletes would display their lack of vocal skills for Sichuan.

Watch the making of MV here and the actual MV here. The CD +VCD of the single will be sold for 12 yuan, all profits going to the devastated area. The MV was shown in a ceremony where it was screened on that huge LED screen from the Olympics.

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Since I suck at photoshop, and want a header using a picture that is too small for just simple cropping…I was wondering if anyone could make me one? Two actually? One I want to use until December and one I plan to use more permanently? I like Chen Kun’s eyes and all, but it’s getting to be a little much.

In return, I’ll make special post when this site hit count reaches 10,000 (to give myself time to make the post basically).

Oh, and since I don’t want to make a separate post, let me link to this, all the gymnastics boys going to San Ya with boxes and boxes of wine to prepare for Yang Wei and Yang Yun’s wedding. Looks like it’s going to be a doozy. Zou Kai, the youngest said that their duty was to help polish off the liqour for Yang Wei.