Dance drama Farewell My Concubine stuns on TV

Artist Liu Beili designed the stunning sets for the show

We’re finally blessed with a recorded version of dancer-choreographer Yang Liping’s dance drama Under Siege: Farewell, My Concubine 霸王别姬:十面埋伏 . The experimental dance drama, using Peking Opera and martial arts elements to tell the tale of the suicide of Xiang Yu and his concubine Lady Yu after a bitter defeat is absolutely stunning. The dancers for this shortened TV version are Li Xiang, Liu Jia, and Zhu Feiweng.

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Angela Zhang, Yang Liping, Outerspace-Leo, Steelo Zhao Yongxin collab in new MV

In the collab of the decade so far (aka one week), Angela Zhang (she changed her last name to pinyin!) works with dancer-choreographer Yang Liping, director Outerspace-Leo , and singer-songwriter Steelo Zhao Yongxin of M.I.C. for her latest MV – All From Me.

The music video uses choreography and costumes and props from Yang Liping’s dance drama Pingtan Impression, which tells of a battle in the seas with inspirations from the maritime silk road and prehistoric and traditional Pingtan elements.

Yang Liping finishes her career with Peacock

From princess to the queen of the peacock, Yang Liping’s love and passion for dance has never left her in her 42 years of dance.

Most famous for her portrayal of the peacock dances,  54-year-old artist Yang Liping, arguably China’s most famous dancer,  finishes her career with a dance show themed around the peacock. With four beautiful outfits, from the more traditional styles to the newer blue outfit, the Peacock features a variety of dances from Yang Liping and her troupe.    More photos below the cut.

Sorry about the unpleasant weibo watermarks, but none of the news sources have HQ photos.

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