Celebrating the friendships in Genius Vs. Muggle


Anyone not watching this cute HNTV first original idol drama Genius Vs. Muggles should really give it a try. What I love about this drama is not so much the romance, but the friendship. The things that kept this drama from falling apart, of becoming a cliche idol dramas, is the friendship and chemistry between the three guys – Lu Hong, Zhang Ziwen, and Yang Fan. Kind of reminded me of this and this. The only complain I have with this drama is that they dress the guys perfectly but the girls’ outfits are a mess. Continue reading

“Muggle vs Genius” to air this week!

Featuring an all post-90’s cast of mostly Shanghai Drama Academy Class of 2013 students, medical school idol drama  Muggle vs Genius is finally airing this weekend!

Shanghai Drama’s really breaking out early recently. Their graduating class of 2015 had a really successful run with “Spicy Female Soldiers”  that was ranked 44 in overall watched dramas and has just announced a sequel, and Class of 2014 Dilraba is of course starring in Yang Mi-produced “Micro Times”.  Where’s all the Beijing and Central guys (minus lead Lu Hong, of course)?
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A new Chinese boyband for the count: Hit-5

There’s a tons of news each day, and I’m pretty backlogged, so I though I should point this out as a quick-mini-update, in lieu of an actual update. Another Chinese boyband in addition to the rest of the ones popping out. Will the madness ever stop?

Hit-5 “Hit” MV

That’s three that I know now, who are debuting/waiting to debut.

Edit on 10/25. I added profiles. For some reason, despite my love for the superboys, and TopCombine’s association with them, I want Hit-5 to succeed more. It doesn’t seem as Korean influenced.

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