Music Monday: June 12, 2017

Stranger in the North – Namewee ft Wang Leehom

Malaysian singer Namewee adds to the countless songs about the dream chasers  lost in the strange allure and fog of the Northern Capital (Beijing). I don’t think Leehom has ever lived in Beijing, but who can complain about him.

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SOP Queen releases new posters for Taiwanese premier

Drama SOP Queen is finally airing in Taiwan in October, and along with the airing are pretty new posters of the leads Chen Qiao’en, Zhang Han, Godfrey Gao and Coco Jiang!  The drama will be airing on the prime time drama spot on Sundays on FTV, marking the first time for Zhang Han to be making it on the premier drama spot in Taiwan.  Chen Qiao’en an Godfrey Gao has also started doing promotions for the series. Continue reading

New Year Galas Wrap-up


CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala has become one of the symbols of the Lunar New Year in China and one of the most extravagant shows that CCTV puts on every year. Jay Chou’s performance was probably the most anticipated event of the night. It consisted of three generations of singers – folk singer Song Zuying, Jay and 9-year-old genius Hou Gaojunjie- singing a blend of Song Zuying’s “Spicy Girls” and Jay’s “Herbalist Manual.” Apparently, singing with Song Zuying has been a dream of Jay.

Update: Jay also said that he has already invited Song Zuying to sing in a duet with him. He says he wants to compose a duet just for her.

Herbalist Manual and Give you a Eastern  jasmine

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