Big Soldier Small General Begins Production


L-R Yoo Seungjun, Lin Peng, Jackie Chan, Wang Leehom, Ding Sheng (Director), Xu Dongmei

This is a week late, but I’ve got about half a dozen half-written articles, more I want to write but no time for, and thus nothing actually gets published, because I don’t finish writing one before starting on the next one.

Jackie Chan showed off his cast for his new movie “Big Soldier Small General” (with a script that he himself penned) at a press conference about a week ago. The movie is set during the Warring States Period and is an action-comedy road movie about  an old solider who kidnaps the younger general played by Leehom.

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Superboys Musical looking a lot like High School Musical


Update:Hunan TV Will Put On a new season of 快乐男声 aka Superboys next year.

This post has officially become a celebration post

Superboys musical picspam behind the cut. Click and be amazed at the festivity, the wonder, the number of straight(?) guys dancing together, awesome t-shirts and “the girl with braids”. Also, some more information about Hunan’s New Meteor Garden/Hana Yori Dango.

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