Liang Jie, Xing Zhaolin’s The Eternal Love 3 releases trailer

Popular romance web drama The Eternal Love Season 3 双世宠妃3 has release its first trailer. Liang Jie reprises her role as time-traveller Qu Xiaotan. She lost all her memories in Season 2, so I guess it makes sense for the hero (Xing Zhaolin) to lose his memories in Season 3?

The drama will be released soon on Tencent / WeTV.

First look at Zhang Xueying and her two ex-husbands in upcoming period romance

Choice Husband 择君记 is based on Dianxian’s (Ashes of Love) Two Ex-Husbands On One Stage, and stars Zhang Xueying as Shen Miao, a noble lady who has no idea who the father of her child is. Unbeknownst to the heroine, it was all part of an elaborate plan created by her two exes, played by Xing Zhaolin and Wang Yilun, to protect her from harm.

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Promo Round-up: You Are My Destiny

Xing Zhaolin and Liang Jie will be playing an on-screen couple for the fourth time in You Are My Destiny, a remake of hit Taiwanese drama Fated to Love You.

The 36 episode drama releases 2 episodes every Friday-Sunday this week, then every Tuesday to Thursday beginning next week.

Theme song MV by Della Ding

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Friday Photos

I knew Hanikezi was perfect for Snow White.

Photos, stills, and posters that caught our eyes this week. What caught yours?

Zhou Junchao and Hanikezi in Dance of the Sky Empire
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Promos Round-up: Standing in the Time

The Japanese drama actually didn’t have that much of the male lead, but it seems like he and romance will play a bigger role here based on the promos

In the age of mass misinformation, Standing in the Time 不负时光 is here to remind us the importance of fact-checkers who make sure that every detail checks out. The Pretty Proofreader adaptation features an aspiring fashion magazine editor (An Yuexi) who gets stuck in a seemingly unimportant proofreader job, but slowly learns that the devil is in the details. The series will be available with English subs on viki here and on the iQiyi app.

Trailer with English subtitles:

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Lucky’s First Love releases stills of cutest moments

Bai Lu shows that can be super sweet and cutesy outside of her usual tomboy roles.

Lucky’s First Love is imo the cutest rom-com since Go Go Squid! this year, so here’s their latest release of stills featuring some of the cutest moments from the show. The two leads have great chemistry and the story is pure cuteness with minimal drama so far at the halfway mark. Bai Lu made a great foray into a new type of character, successfully portraying the loveable happy-go-lucky female lead while still having her be competent and not a ditz. Xing Zhaolin’s character is also much more human and friendly than most of your typical drama CEO’s. The only main flaw is that the main side couple is kind of boring, but they’re easily skippable.

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Pretty Proofreader remake stars An Yuexi, Xing Zhaolin

Pretty Proofreader makes proofreading every book an adventure.

Standing in the Time 不负时光, a remake of the hit Japanese series Pretty Proofreader / Jimi ni Sugoi! Kōetsu Girl: Kouno Etsuko, will star An Yuexi as the adorable proofreader who finds meaning in the details and Xing Zhaolin as the loner novelist whose paths cross with hers in more ways than one. The original is one of my favorite recent Japanese drama and extremely heartwarming and An Yuexi is adorable, so I hope the remake lives up to the original. The series is set to be released on October 2nd on Tencent and iQiyi.

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Promo Round-up: Lucky’s First Love

From the producers of Yes! Boss and Never Ever Expected comes rom-com Lucky’s First Love 世界欠我一个初恋. When aspiring product designer Xing Yun (Bai Lu) is tasked with working on a dating program for her company, she decides to get real-world experience by going on a series of dates. But how will this plan fare with her jealous boss (Xing Zhaolin) who’s been using her as his personal lucky charm?

Two episodes will be available every Wednesday thru Fridays beginning September 25, with VIP members getting the whole series at once.

trailer 1; trailer 2 ; OP by Wang Ke ; character posters

Xing Zhaolin X Bai Lu in Lucky’s First Love
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Bai Lu, Xing Zhaolin star in the first rom-com from the producers of Never Ever Expected

Bai Lu seems to wear the pants in every drama she’s in.

I did not notice this before, but the upcoming rom-com Lucky’s First Love 世界欠我一个初恋 is the first rom-com from the producers of hilarious comedy series Never Ever Expected and Yes! Boss. Starring Bai Lu and Xing Zhaolin in an office romance, the series is set to be online on September 25th.

Here’s the latest trailer for what looks like a fun rom-com:

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