Promo Round-up: Miss Crow With Mr Lizard

Fantasy rom-com Miss Crow With Mr Lizard stars Ren Jialun as an aloof CEO (Ren Jialun) who has an artificial heart and leaks electricity (really?) when he starts falling in love. Xing Fei plays the heroine who is unlucky in everything she does, and a quirky romance begins.

The drama willl release 2 subtitled episodes on WeTV / Tencent Youtube every Monday-Wednesday beginning tonight.

Trailer 1

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Hu Yitian, Xing Fei begin filming Hello, The Sharpshooter

Hello, The Sharpshooter 你好神枪手 stars Xing Fei as Tang Xin, the reporter of a sports television channel. She is tasked with interviewing the winner of the 50 metre rifle prone championships (Hu Yitian), who also happens to be the coach she had a crush on four years ago.

Helmed by Liu Yizhi (The Negotiator), the Tencent web drama began filming today.

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Remake of The Prince Who Turns into a Frog premieres tonight

Forgetting You, Remembering Love (lit.) 忘记你,记得爱情 is a remake of Ming Dao and Joe Chen’s hit 2005 Taiwanese drama and stars Jin Ze (Hello Joann 2) as the spoiled heir Shan Junhao. He loses his memory in an accident and falls in love with the seemingly materialistic Ye Tianyu (Xing Fei).

The drama releases 2 episodes every Mon – Wed on Mango TV / Tencent.

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Attention Actors posters and stills round-up

Peng Xiaoran and Huang Junjie reenacts The Legend of Demon Cat

From classics like Daming Palace/Palace of Desire and Chinese Paladin to recent films like The Legend of Demon Cat and Cry Me a Sad River, Tencent’s new acting competition Attention, Actors 演员倾就位 combines the best of I am an actor and Phantastic by capturing the actors for a TV performance rather than on stage while still maintaining an one-take rule. Featuring directors Chen Kaige, Li Shaohong, Vicki Zhao Wei, and Guo Jingming, the resulting segments are on average far more watchable than the other two.

Plus, they have some great stills and posters that are better than many dramas and film posters that are wallpaper-worthy. You can watch episode two English subbed here. Zhang Yunlong and Chen Xiaoyun act out Romance in the Rain:

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Yu Menglong, Xing Fei’s wuxia romance The Moon Bright For You begins filming

Wuxia romance drama The Moon Bright For You 明月曾照江东寒 stars Yu Menglong (New Legend of Madam White Snake) and Xing Fei (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) in the leading roles. Merxat (Please Give Me A Pair of Wings) and Zheng Fanxing (The Untamed) costar.

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Promo Round-up: Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Rom-com Put Your Head On My Shoulder 致我们暖暖的小时光 tells the love story between a weird genius (Lin Yi) and a  bubbly marketing intern (Xing Fei) who end up living in the same apartment. I can already tell from the trailer how cute this show is going to be (although I did say the same thing about A Love So Beautifuland that drama went off the tracks halfway).

The drama is based on Zhao Qianqian’s (A Love So Beautiful) novel of the same name, and releases 2 episodes every Wednesday and Thursday evenings on Tencent. VIP members get a 6 episode head start.

MV, Trailer 1

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