The Princess Weiyang new trailer and speculations

After looking at these posters, I am reminded of how far China has come in terms of drama productions.  Only a couple years ago, I would have been ranting and raving about this drama.  It’s still good but the sheer amount with which our standards have progressed is astounding.

The Princess Weiyang (Weiyoung) has more character posters and a new trailer.  Starring Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Vanness Wu, Li Xin’ai, Mao Xiaotong, and Liang Zhenlun, hopefully this means that the projected November release date has some weight behind it.

More character posters below the cut.

The Princess Weiyang releases teaser

It’s become pretty established that China can produce glorious period dramas.  It’s just finding one with a good story and makes it through production in a way we can appreciate that is the current problem…

The Princess Weiyang (Weiyoung) has released a teaser.  Starring Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Vanness Wu, Li Xin’ai, Mao Xiaotong, and Liang Zhenlun, hopefully this is a sign that a release date may be around the corner.

More stills below the cut.