“Micro Times” goes back to school with character posters

Micro Times, or more accurately translated as  : Wechat Times

Potential cast for Yang Mi’s adaptation of Gossip Girl?

Welcome to Micro Times, the story of ridiculously rich students with nothing better to do with their lives other than date. Let’s be honest, we’re only watching because the cast of all fairly new actors is amazingly good-looking, and Yang Mi pulled in so many sponsorships (Maserati, Bvlgari, Dolce & Gabbana, to name a few) that Micro Times might have a bigger budget than Tiny Times.

Although the cast are never in uniform in the show (contrary to Meteor Shower world belief, college students do not wear uniforms), the cast put on school uniforms just to remind us how much idol dramas have improved  in fashion taste and budgets since then. Or maybe it’s just because they look good in uniform.

Individual character posters below the cut.

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Micro Times brings Internet drama budgets to a new high


Who wears rainbow best? Micro Times, Ancient Sword, Seven Friends, or Ban Shu?

Super busy Yang Mi‘s first produced drama, featuring all new actors with  herself, Shawn Yue, Monica Chan, Bibi Zhou Bichang, Tan Weiwei, and Kim Beom as the guest leads, will finally be airing on July 21st. The series is the first high-budget drama produced for the Internet, and is one of a series of Internet series from QQ.

Although they’re all fairly new as of filming Micro Times, Dilireba, Gao Weiguang are also featured in Yang Mi’s upcoming series Ancient Sword, while Zhang Yunlong is a supporting lead in Zhang Han’s Paranormal Adonis.   As a preview, next week is going to be Zhang Han week.

“Micro Times” release cast of fresh faces!


Every post involving Yang Mi could just be titled “Pretty people.”

Featuring eight fresh new faces supported by six veterans,  “Micro Times 微时代之恋·初恋篇” will be actress and workaholic Yang Mi’s first production.   The six celebs will be Yang Mi, Shawn Yue, Zhou Bichang, Tan Weiwei, Monica Chan and Kim Bum, but the main leads will be the eight youngsters that Yang Mi handpicked from the major acting schools and other venues.

You might remember Dilraba from one of our previous posts, and  I’m so happy she’s starring in such a big production!


Anyone remember Dilraba from Shanghai Drama Academy?

The  fashion of the drama is fresh and young like the cast, with a special costumes team hand-picked by Yang Mi and composed of mostly new graduates from major fashion institutes both in China and abroad.    Watch the character intro for the actors below.