Promo Round-up: Bright As The Moon

Bright As The Moon 皎若云间月 stars Zhang Zhixi (Love and Destiny) as a romance novelist who time travels to the past and becomes the rebellious noble lady Yun Qianyue. Tong Mengshi (Joy of Life) costars as her love interest.

The 40 episode drama is written by Zhang Zhixi and premieres on Youku in 4hrs.

Trailer 1, Final trailer

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A Round Trip to Love the latest in string of BL works


The main lead before they stole the over-exposed filter from Revive.

Now that investors have seen the path to riches and fame through a string of BL dramas that have shot to fame, it seems like we’re seeing an influx of them.  The latest, net film  A Round Trip to Love 双程  stars little-known actors (as usual)  Gao Taiyu, Huang Jingxiang, Xiang Hao, and Yi Shuai as the two main pairs. I think both pairs follow the classic possessive-CEO-meets-Cinderella story.

The series is based on the book of the same name by Lan Lin. Has anyone read this? I’m getting a creepy feeling from the overly possessive guy from the trailer.  On the positive side, the trailer is English-subbed, which means the film will probably be, too.