Fan Bingbing is Blink in X-Men: Days of Future Past


Fan Bingbing will play Blink, a mutant with powers of teleportation.

A blurry photo tweeted by director Bryan Singer has confirmed Fan Bingbing’s role in the upcoming X-Men movie. The Chinese actress will play Blink, a teleporting mutant, alongside a host of X-Men veterans, including Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Ellen Page, Anna Paquin, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, and James McAvoy.

The decision to cast Fan in Days of Future Past as well as Iron Man 3 has fans speculating whether her roles in the two Marvel franchises are related. Her role as Blink, the alter ego of Clarice Ferguson, also suggests that the film’s villain will be the ancient mutant Apocalypse.

Production for the film will begin next month and is set for release in July 2014.