Music Monday: June 17, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

We are adding a new section to this week’s Music Monday – Nostalgic, where we dig up oldie classics. Also, many thanks to Benji for covering Music Monday last week and maybe for the next few weeks as well.

First, Nana Xu Yina‘s MV for her new single Want Love was released awhile ago, but I never got around to posting it. Nana first debuted in 2010, but was met with little success. She then participated on Amazing Voice (天籁之声) and gained a spot on CCTV’s New Gala. This slightly rock song is a nice change from the purely innocent or sexy image common among cpop females singers.

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Music Monday: June 10, 2013

Oh, ho, ho! What’s this? Music Monday is here? And you all thought we were going on hiatus? *Acting!
Sorry for the delay (but it’s still Monday in, like, Hawaii).

Former Morning Musume member, Linlin 琳琳, draws inspiration from Alice in Wonderland in the music video for 戰豆 Fighting. Keep an eye out for a dancing Spider-Man. Continue reading

Music Monday: May 27, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

You know you’re getting old when half of the singers on your playlist are younger than you. This week’s Music Monday features a total of 7 post-90s groups/singers. But first Bibi…

Vase and Flower 花樽与花”, the bonus track on Bibi Zhou‘s new album UNLOCK, is the Cantonese version of her single “Secret Friends 密友”. The MV is produced by Bibi’s newly established studio, Begins Studio.

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X-Factor 2013: Bootcamp & Judges’ Houses

Do you think X-Factor China's got the X factor?

Do you think X-Factor China’s got the “X” factor?

X-Factor China is finally getting exciting, with only 12 acts left after last week’s bootcamp and judges’ house elimination. From now on X-Factor will air two episodes per week; in addition, He Jiong will be replacing Zhu Dan as the show MC. A slight spoiler for those who have not watch the bootcamp or judges’ episode, none of the currently signed/active singer made it into Top 12. You can watch the bootcamp episode here, and judges’ house episode here.

The first bootcamp performance came from the quartet now known as HOPE (Liu Yutong, Yang Chengxi, Zhao Jinyan, and Zhu Chenchen). The Berklee College of Music graduate, Liu Yutong, seems to have toned down his full capability to fit into the group dynamic. The quartet turned rock duo Power Station‘s So Be It 那就这样吧 into a light upbeat ballad. Watch the cute performance below.
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Music Monday: May 13, 2013

Mondays are always hard...

Mondays are always hard…

Happy Belated Mother’s Day! In honor of Mother’s Day, it is only appropriate to start this post with a song dedicated to mommy. But should I post the traditional “Lu Bing Hua“, which has been performed by people like Jane Zhang and Top Combine, or should I post something more modern, like Jay Chou’s “Listen to Mom” or Vanness Wu’s “Mama“? But then I stumped across this song by Kindergarten Killer (ft. Shen Yi and PD Doggy). “Stars Don’t Talk“, which sounds like the name of a lullaby, is from Kindergarten Killer’s second street album Sketch This City. There is also a solo version of the song here.
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Alan auditions for X-Factor China

Tibetan pop diva Alan Dawa Dolma 阿兰·达瓦卓玛 attended Hunan TV’s X-Factor auditions accompanied by a five-person entourage.

This time, the professional singer was immediately recognised by judge Zhang Ziyi. “You’re the one who sang the theme song for the Red Cliff movie, right?” she asked as the audience oohed in recognition.
The former Avex star acknowledged her professional credentials but confessed her dislike for being known only as a soundtrack singer. “I don’t like that everyone qualifies my identity with something in front of my name,” she lamented. “‘Oh, she’s that Red Cliff singer, Alan.’ ‘Oh, she’s that InuYasha singer, Alan.’ ‘Oh, she’s that Bu Bu Jing Xi singer, Alan.’ I don’t like it.”
She continued: “I came here because the past is the past. I want to start anew. I hope everyone will support me.”

Alan belted out her own song, Hū Huàn 呼喚, while judge Eason Chan looked on, unimpressed, as Alan hit her signature high notes to the audience’s applause.

Eason cares little for Alan's Tibetan-style vocals

Eason cares little for Alan’s Tibetan-style vocals

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X-factor contestant covers “Diamonds”


Will. resist. urge. to. ship.

X-Factor contestant Bin Junjie 宾俊杰 and his photographer friend Tang Long cover Rihanna‘s Diamonds in their latest endeavor.  How is it that these two can make a better and cheaper MV than half of the boy/girlbands out there? Yes, 7Sense, I’m speaking to you.

Also watch them cover Moves like a Jagger, Sky live on X-factor China, and Take a Bow.

Music Monday: May 6, 2013

Mondays are always hard...

Mondays are always hard…

Let shake off that Monday Blue with a little dance. Girl group 7Sense released the rehearsal version of the choreography for their upcoming single “Passion Petal“; The new single is another Zhong Guo Feng choreography incorporating fan. I hope the MV for this single will be much better than the one for “Spring Chant“. Watch the choreography below.
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X-Factor China ft. Zhang Ziyi as Judge

I like how their walk totally fit their public persona

I like how their walk totally fit their public persona

X-Factor China officially took over I Am a Singer‘s time-slot on HNTV last week. The three professional judges are pop music legend Luo Dayou, rocker Zheng Jun, and popular  singer Eason Chan… Zhang Ziyi also sat at the judges’ table. You can watch the full episode here from HNTV’s official youtube channel.

Yang Chengxi performed “The Only One In The World”. Watch more selected performances below the cut

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