Tony Leung joins Bai Baihe, Jing Boran in Monster Hunt 2

Monster Hunt was a commercial success when it premiered last year, and now a sequel starring original trio Bai Baihe (I Belonged To You), Jing Boran (Love O2O) and cute white radish Hu Ba has started filming. This will be Tony Leung’s (The Grandmaster) first comedy in 14 years, and it’s likely he will be playing the main antagonist.

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“The Voice of China” competitors release MV’s


Although a lot of singers are of Yi ethnicity (He Jie, Zhang Liyin, MIC’s Xiaoxin), interestingly enough, the ethnicity that favors tanned beauties haven’t had a famous artist who’s not fair-skinned until The Voice 3rd place Jieke Junyi.

Because I’ve been quite busy this past year, I haven’t been able to pay attention to the music phenomenon of the year – The Voice of China.   A number of the show’s  artists did release MV’s recently, though, and I liked quite a number of them. Here’s a compilation of the ones I found.

Jieke Junyi’s Colorful Black  MV is probably my favorite, although both the lyrics and the MV could be more consistent.
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