Ady An, Zhu Yilong in The Queen Returns


The pink pullover looks really comfy. It reminded me that I need more Zhu Yilong in my life.

Why must you tempt me with another drama that will probably never air, Zhu Yilong?!  The Queen Returns 御姐归来 stars Ady An as a heiress who becomes a maid to escape an arranged marriage. As they all do in TV, the maid falls for the boss (Zhu Yilong). When the engagement ends in embarrassment for her family  and her father denounces her inheritance, she plans to show the world that she doesn’t need a marriage to earn her worth and attempts to build her own business empire with the help of her new beau.   There’s also some Romeo-Juliet family feud going on for added drama.

Also, how nice is it that so many modern idol dramas are ditching dubbing? Especially since Zhu Yilong’s voice acting is pretty good for an idol actor.