Zhou Xun and Huang Xiaoming star in upcoming movie “Women Who Know How to Flirt Have the Best Lives”

Zhou Xun uses Huang Xiaoming to demonstrate why women who know how to sajiao have the best lives.

*Note: 撒娇(sa jiao)  is less like flirtng than acting like a spoiled child…sort of like flirting and whining?
Zhou Xun and Huang Xiaoming‘s upcoming film, Women Who Flirt Have the Best Lives撒娇女人最好命 recently had its release date set for January 1st. Here, life is compared to coffee, with the ability to “sa jiao” like sugar – life is bitter when there isn’t enough, disgusting when there’s too much. Thus, the premise of the film (and the book that it’s adapted from, 会撒娇的女人最好名** ) is that intelligent and successful women know how to use this strategy. (Readers – do you agree?)
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