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  • Trailer for Tang Yan, Yang Rong,  Hawick Lau’s  The Lady & the Liar  here.
  • Zhao Liying, Hawick Lau’s  Secret of the wife to air on Hunan TV in March.
  • Following the Ancient Sword, Huanrui receives approval for another fantasy wuxia series, Kunlun 昆仑, based on the book of the same name.
  • Zhao Liying, Han Dong, and Zhou Fang’s Lovebirds series 错点鸳鸯·戏点鸳鸯 finally to air on satellite on the 20th. While part 1 is a bit all over the place, I’m a big fan of part 2’s Han Dong – Zhou Fang pairing.  After watching part 2 at least three times, I’m so excited for a HD version!

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Weibo Wednesday: July 3, 2013

冯绍峰: 狼爸不是白当的,有massage服务 还是狼族泰式的massage!

Who’s the guy getting cozy with the adorable wolf? Why, none other than Feng Shaofeng, who is currently filming in Inner Mongolia for the French-Chinese co-produced film Wolf Totem (狼图腾). Kudos to you if you could recognize him from the back of his head (and without looking at the watermark, hehe).

I haven’t been a wolf dad in vain, there is a massage service. And it’s a wolf-clan Thai-style massage!

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Feng Shaofeng, Shawn Dou cast for “Wolf Totem”

Guess who?

Guess who?

Academy Award winning director Jean-Jacques Annaud will be heading the French-Chinese co-production of the award-winning book  Wolf Totem, with Feng Shaofeng cast as the narrator and “main character.” a student who explores the lives of the wolves while sent to Inner Mongolia during the cultural revolution.

“My interest in the relationship between humans and animals is magnificently described by this book,” said Annaud to AFP. “It’s the story of a young man who discovers a civilisation.”

According to Sina, the film begun training the wolves since two years ago, and Feng Shaofeng will have to go through a series of training for the film, whose filming will last over nine months. He has just finished filming director Ann Hui‘s bioepic on author Xiao Hong, played by  Tang Wei. I am in general just really surprised at how well he’s been doing in all these vastly different roles in all these movies. I never would’ve thought when I was watching him in Gong that he would be such a versatile actor.

The film is produced by China Film Group, Beijing Forbidden City Pictures, Edko Film, and four other companies.  Also featured in with be actor Shawn Dou Xiao.