The First Wind and Cloud Awards Ushers in a New Wave of Chinese Singers


Note: This was written a while ago, on 12/23 when it was filmed, but it was actually aired during New Years. I would have posted this earlier, except I really, really wanted to find a HQ video of Wang Yuexin singing Guang. Which I did end up finding, but haven’t finished downloading.

With a dolphin pitch, Wang Yuexin’s “Guang” opened the first annual Newcomer’s Feng Yun Bang (Wind and Cloud Awards). In attendance are all of the new boybands as well as most of the new idol singers. Feng Yun awards have been established since 2001, but this is the first ceremony specifically designed for newcomers, signifying that newcomers to the Chinese music scene are coming in large numbers.

Wang Yuexin singing Guang. I practically made this post just for him, so you’d better watch the vid.

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New Boyband? Wind and Cloud’s New MV for All’s Well Ends Well 2009


Girl Not Included

So when I posted on A-One, I think I alluded to these guys, but in general I’ve blocked them out of my mind like they never existed. However their first MV is the first look at All’s Well Ends Well 2009, which was the third most anticipated Chinese movie of the holiday season. Creepy isn’t it? The look at All’s Well Ends Well starts a while in…is it worth going through the pink sugary sweetness to get to that and Louis Koo? I’ll let you decide.

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