Love and Destiny costumes round-up: Ni Ni as a bird fairy

Despite opening to ridicule, Ni Ni and Chang Chen’s Love and Destiny has been slowly garnering fans thanks to its solid writing, acting, and directing. A round-up of costumes for Lingxi the bird fairy, the first of the three lifetimes of Ni Ni’s character in fantasy drama Love and Destiny. Designed by William Chang Suk Ping, the costumes in this period of her life are all simple ombre gauze to give her character a sense of flight and innocence.

You can watch the series on Youtube here.

In heaven prison, you look like this.

Costume Round-up: Ni Ni in The Rise of Phoenixes

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A fashion round-up of designer William Chang Suk Ping’s only good best drama work since Eternal Love.

Despite William Chang’s penchant for patterns that look like they came from your grandparents’ sofa, the muted colors of the leads’ costumes in The Rise of Phoenixes worked well with the color palette of the overall drama.  It helps that Ni Ni and Chen Kun can make Uniqlo look like high fashion.

Somebody hire Ni Ni to play Yang Guo please