Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Fok’s wedding tops it all

“In all the world, there’s only you” – the couple at the outdoors wedding party in Guangdong on Saturday.

If you had thought Lin Dan’s wedding was big, look no further to see a bigger one, for Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Hok tops them all. With a guest list that includes Jordanian Prince Ali Bin al Hussein,  richest person of Asian descent Li Ka-shing, Jackie Chan,  Andy Lau, Li Yundi, Li Xiaopeng,  business magnate Allan Zeman, and a host of famous politicians, businessmen and celebrities, the wedding was so big that Hong Kong paparazzi set up boats and giant lifts just to take pictures. The bridesmaids included Guo’s former teammates, Olympic Champions Wu Minxia and Li Na.  A number of her teammates, including Olympic champions Hu Jia, Lin Yue, Luo Yutong, Yang Jinghui and Wang Feng all attended. The wedding itself officiated by Hong Kong’s former Secretary for Justice Elsie Leung.  Some photos from the event below. Continue reading

Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Fok’s wedding shoot, HK Tycoon style

Love at the Water Cube for the couple who dominated weibo for the past week.

From Greece to England and Guangdong to Beijing,  multiple Olympic and world champion in diving Guo Jingjing and Hong Kong tycoon family’s  Kenneth Fok just released a small portion of their extravagant photoshoot in time for their 3-day wedding this weekend.  I’ll be putting more pictures of the actual wedding later.

The photoshoot begins with the pair at Nanshan, the Fok family’s ancestral home, at a museum dedicated to his grandfather. Yeah, you read right, he has a museum for his grandfather.

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Abe Tsuyoshi and Shi Ke Finally Wed in Beijing


While they completed their marriage registration in April, the Japanese F4 member Abe Tsuyoshi (Li Zhendong), 27,  and his bride, Chinese actress, Shi Ke, 29, finally held a ceremony in Beijing (holding the ceremony that long after the registration is common in China). Abe is part Chinese, born in Heilongjiang  and studied for one year at Beijing Film Academy and has acted in both China and Japan. They met when both cast for the 2007 movie, Stand in Love, which was produced by famous Taiwanese ballad singer Jeff Chang and directed by up-and-coming young Taiwanese director Chen Yingrong. Both attended the ceremony, and acted as their witnesses.

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Yuan Quan and Xia Yu Got Married


I love weddings and these two kids were long overdue for one, having been together for ten years (ableit with a brief separation in between). Yuan Quan, who recently filmed a wedding scene for her film, Lian Ai Ba, and during it, told reporters that she would not want to marry as formally as she did was in the movie, because it was so exhausting, and she kept that promise by having a low-key marriage. The newly released shoot the happy couple did for the wedding also reflected that simplicity.

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Kelly Chen Joins the Wedding Bandwagon

Cantopop Diva Kelly Chen, 36, has gotten married! After more than ten years of starring in movies with many hot Chinese actors, a hot half-Chinese half-Japanese actor (Takeshi Kaneshiro) and a hot full Japanese actor (Takenouchi Yutaka) she finally gets tied to “Alex” Liu JianHao, 34, her long-time boyfriend, whom she met before all those men. I wish her all the happiness in the world, but at this point, celeb weddings just aren’t that fascinating anymore.

Also there to support Kelly were the other men in her life, her brother and her father (L and R respectively as if you couldn’t tell). Her brother, formerly majoring in construction is now signed with EMI.

For more pictures of their wedding, guests, and guesses at who else will be married in 2008, click here.

Wedding Bells are in the Air!

Pan Yueming and Dong Jie are getting married!

The eternally cute actress Dong Jie, who most recently played the female half of the famous Lian Zhu couple in the series Butterfly Lovers has been announced as planning on marrying actor Pan Yueming, who’s also made a name for himself through series such as Moment in Peking. This is surprising since nobody knew they were even in a relationship.

Not that anyway is listening to me, but I thoroughly approve of Dong Jie’s choice. Pan Yueming is not only cute, but has a rich deep voice that will carry him through their golden years when their movie star looks begin to fade.