Eddie Peng and Bai Baihe for new movie Wedding Invitation

 photo 704_928482_612871_zps49a02184.jpg

“Love, don’t let go!”

Somehow 分手合约 (Agreement to Break-Up) was translated into Wedding Invitation. What a spoiler! But then again, who can blame the directors for wanting to give/imply a happy ending for Eddie Peng and Bai Baihe? Joining the two as supporting actors are Pace Wu and Jiang Jinfu. Bai Baihe’s stubborn female lead has been childhood sweethearts with Eddie Peng’s affectionate male lead for ten years now, struggling to continue doing the only thing they’ve learned how to in the past decade –  loving –  in the midst of the obstacles the grown up real world has thrown at them.

The movie comes out April 12. Look for stills under the cut, and watch the theme song below.

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