Drama adaption of Run Freely begins filming in Harbin with Wang Anyu, Fan Chengcheng

Based on popular BL novel Run Freely by Wuzhe, You On My Left Shoulder 左肩有你 (lit.) stars Fan Chengcheng as Jiang Cheng, a studious high-schooler who is abandoned by his foster family and forced to move back with his father, a compulsive gambler. Jiang Cheng develops a rebellious streak, though everything changes when he meets the roguish Gu Fei (Wang Anyu).

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Promo Round-up: A Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower

Whodunit mystery drama A Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower stars Angelababy as the victim and Yang Zishan and Guo Tao as the detectives on her case.

Directed by Leste Chen (Battle of Memories), Xu Zhaoren (Moonshine and Valentine) and Wu Zhongtian, the 16 episode miniseries is split into 8 chapters, focusing on the seven main suspects and the victim.

First teaser

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Crime thriller The Bad Kids releases Wong Kar-wai-style stills

The drama was filmed in the seaside city of Zhanjiang.

It’s not even halfway through 2020 but I’m 95% certain I’ve already found my favourite drama of the year. The Bad Kids is directed by Xin Shuang, and revolves around three kids who blackmail a murderer (Qin Hao).

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Promo Round-up: The Bad Kids

Previously translated as The Hidden Corner / Cat’s Cradle, The Bad Kids takes over the mystery thriller baton from Kidnapping Game, and stars Qin Hao as a long-suffering son-in-law whose crimes are caught on camera by three kids.

The 12 episode miniseries will be available with Eng subs on the iQiyi app.

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