SNH48’s Ju Jingyi sings for The Bodyguards


Getting in formation for their Beyoncé cover.

There’s nothing like summer on the TV, someone in a rush replaces someone looking pretty. After a series of surprising upsets in the battle for the Hunan TV summer slot,  The Bodyguards 麻辣变形计 (official title: Hot Girls) is now advertising itself to overtake the next spot.  We’ll see who comes out to the up soon, but meanwhile, here’s the opening theme from SNH48’s Ju Jingyi.

Hero Dog 2 full of puppies, kittens, birds, even some humans

There’s nothing like summer Hunan TV, someone in a rush replaces someone looking pretty. After a series of surprising upsets in the battle for the coveted summer slot, Hero Dog 2 神犬小七2 finally clinched it with its beach setting and cute puppies.

Set to air on the July 17th, the series again tells the story of hero dog Xiaoqi, but now as a rescue dog who befriends a lifeguard (Zhang Yunlong), a hospitality worker (the spunky Wang Yang), and the owner (Wang Yu) at a beach resort. In addition to love triangles between both the humans and the pets, they must also team together to stop a group of smugglers trying to steal artifacts from under the sea.

Plus, a long-waited song from M.I.C. boyband!  The song isn’t their best, and I wish they could’ve used Summer Storm, but  this will  have to do while we wait for the rest of Steelo’s album drops.

The Bodyguards releases trailer

I refuse this English title.

I still refuse this English title. Also, there’s no way they can outrun those cars.

Dilraba and Ma Ke‘s first  lead  TV series has finally released a trailer months after it was suppose to air. The Bodyguards 麻辣变形计 is now looking at a fall release from Hunan TV along with Hero Dog 2  神犬小七 from the same company and almost the same cast minus the leads and plus Zhang Yunlong

Dilraba, Ma Ke become bodyguards in new series


The official English name is “Hot Girl”. I refuse that title.

Dilraba and Ma Ke fight and fall in love in The Bodyguards 麻辣变形计.  The series is the next from Perfect World, who has a pretty good record for fun action series.   It co-stars 麻辣女兵 (the English title for this was Hot Girls … I refuse that, too) stars Wang Yang, Wang Yu, and Wang Lu.

A lot of stills below.

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