30th Golden Eagle Awards

The Golden Eagle Awards has finally decided to untangle its messy awards categories, and created a Best Actor/Actress award where the nominations are mostly based on merit. You can tell they were trying really hard when it came to choosing winners, though it’ll take a few more rounds before the awards are going to regain its reputation.


Promo Round-Up: Financial crimes thriller Hunting

Just in case two episodes of Serenade of Peaceful Joy isn’t enough Wang Kai per day.

Based loosely on the real operation of the same name, Hunting 猎狐 features Wang Kai, Wang Ou, and Hu Jun working on a new financial crime operation to repatriate economic fugitives who have fled abroad. The series is written by Zhao Dongling (Once Upon a Time in Tsingtao) and directed by Liu Xin (The King’s Woman). Liu Yijun, Deng Jiajia, Fu Jing, and Wang Tonghui co-stars, while Zhao Ziqi and Liu Jun guest stars.

The series will be airing two episodes on weekdays and one episode on weekends. It should be available on this Youtube channel.


Fan Management 101: How Wang Kai got his fans to listen

Conversation with a buddy who stans Z with me. Z is an artist with a lot of fan problems.
Me: Wang Kai did x, y, z as soon as he was famous to tell fans what he wants from them without having fans lose face.
Buddy: How can you even stand fanning Z after stanning someone as impressive as Wang Kai?

The more I fan other artists and hear about how fans can be setbacks to the artists, the more I’m impressed by everything that Wang Kai has done to guide his fans on the path he wants, so here’s a list of actions Wang Kai executed masterfully in his first year of fame to tell his fans exactly what he wants out of them. If you follow gossip sites, all this was done while Wang Kai was dealing with a huge smear campaign in November.

Obviously, because so many of these actions have become embedded in fan culture and the scalping business, it’s both difficult and costly for any artist to try and refuse them. I don’t really hold it against artists for not being able to do what Wang Kai has done (also I would have to unfan a bunch of people if did, and I need internal consistency), but I have mad respect for Wang Kai for sticking with his own rules and actually reinforcing them in the nicest way possible.


Wang Kai voices the story of Wuhan’s 76-day quarantine as it comes to an end

As Wuhan opens up on April 7th, actor and Wuhan-native Wang Kai voices a story of medical professionals, workers, and ordinary people coming together to pull through in the 76 days that Wuhan was under quarantine.

Wang Kai, whose mother had planned to visit him on set for Chinese New Year before being stuck in Wuhan, had previously donated 2million RMB to Wuhan hospitals and charities in addition to dozens of ventilators. He also recorded for the cubicle hospital radio service to support those in them.

Promo Round-Up: Serenade of Peaceful Joy

Serenade of Peaceful Joy is the first court-focused Song Dynasty drama in forever.

Director Zhang Kaizhou (The Story of Ming Lan) returns to the Song Dynasty in  Serenade of Peaceful Joy (formerly Held in the Lonely Castle) in this tale of the court and harem of the Emperor Renzong of Song (Wang Kai). The series focuses on the attempts of the leads to try to balance their responsibilities and personal lives and stars Wang Kai, Jiang Shuying, Ren Min, Bian Cheng, Yang Le, Wang Churan, Ye Zuxin, Yu En’tai, Xu Lingyue, and Zhang Tian’ai.

The series should be available on Youtube on this channel beginning April 7th, with two episodes a day on weekdays and one episode a day on weekends.

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