Li Yuchun, Zhou Bichang, 10 years of Super Girls/Boys reunite


“Eight years, we’ve grown up, have you?”- Li Yuchun

Celebrating 10 years of the Super Girls/Boys franchise, Hunan TV’s finale of the 2013 Super Boys was a tearjerker on all sides as old contestants reunite and remeet.  Some of the most touching moments include Li Yuchun and Zhou Bichang’s hug on stage, He Jiong and Wang Han talking about their ten years of hosting the show, and a group song by past Super Boys/Girls. 

Li Yuchun: “Two things. First thing, we love you, Bai Jugang. Second thing, on this stage, I still think the person standing next to her should be me. No offense. Everyone in the audience, in front of the TV, it’s been eight years. Me and my little fellow grew up, what about you? We started from here, and have been following our dreams since 2005. Are you still pursuing your dreams? Jiayou!”

Zhou Bichang: Let youth continue to burn!

Super Girls and Boys sing theme song, how many do you recognize?

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Time to witness a miracle



“And now, it’s time to witness a miracle.”

With those words, Liu Qian aka Lu Chen ends his performance like he always does.  Liu Qian, China’s favorite magician, was one of the two performers  (the other one being Xiao Shenyang) that made their big break during this year’s CCTV New Year Gala. With his popularity came the rise of magic shows all across China.

The first of those is  Hunan TV’s jin pai mo shu tuan/Golden Magic Troupe. The show, hosted by Wang Han, invites amateur magicians to come and compete for a chance to apprentice one of the four judges – Liu Qian and three magicians from Hong Kong, Japan and Mexico. Think Super Girls/Boys for magicians.

Allen Su sings and composes the theme song, It’s the Magic. Download the MP3 here.
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